A Knitted Pillow Cover

This project was super easy for me… mainly because someone else did all of the hard work and made me a knitted pillow cover! 🙂

I had a… let’s say… well loved and aged fleece pillow that my washing machine mysteriously tried to eat one day.  I was not at all ready to get rid of one of my favourite pillows so I designed a cover for my beloved pillow.  The only major problem with my design was that it involved a knitted cover… and I don’t knit!  UGH!  So, I enlisted the help of a wonderful woman who loved me enough to spends HOURS knitting my pillow cover.  (Thanks MOM!!!)

When she finished the miniature “blanket”, I used the same yarn and sewed up the sides of the cover.  To close the top I chose some wide brown ribbon that added a feminine touch.  Since I wanted to be able to change up the closing and be able to take off the cover to wash it, I simply put the ribbon through a space in the knitting and tied it up.  The beauty of leaving the top open, is that I can some day switch it up and use big wooden buttons or something of the sort to change up the look!

I love the look of my “new” pillow and cant wait to use it for years to come.

BeforeThis picture doesn’t quite to the washing machine “eating” justice but you can see some of the marks in the lower corner.




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