Simply Recreated – From a Discarded Tin Flower to a Life Long Dream

I found this grey, tin flower in the “discard” pile at a church flea market a couple of summers ago.  The flower was probably the basis of some type of arrangement someone had once received from a loved one and then, after the flowers or food were dead or eaten, they had no use for the flower.  As I saw the flower laying in the pile, a hundred ideas came to mind of what I could do with the rejected tin flower…

Should I paint it? And if I did; one colour? multiple colours?  Should I make it into a magnetic memo board? What about hanging it on the wall as the centre of a larger group of flowers?  Maybe add some metal hooks to use it for keys near the front door?  I could invert it and use it as a plant stand.   So many choices and so many options.

Instead of doing anything right away with it, I just set it on a chair and looked at it… for a loooong time.  It was while I was waiting that I realised that I wanted it to be the image I used for the logo of my company.  I already had a name and now the discarded tin flower would serve as part of my logo. The little tin flower represented everything I wanted to do… take something that everyone else saw as useless and recreate it into something beautiful and functional.

I recently decided that I wanted the flower to be somewhere that I will see it often.  So, after giving it a simple coat of white paint, it is now prominently displayed in the centre of my dining room table laden with my freshly picked apples.

As time goes on, I intend to keep recreating this one little tin flower and that too will represent Recreated Designs.  I will always find a new use for something when it is done being useful in it’s current state.





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