Painting Pumpkins on Thanksgiving Day

This past weekend was Thanksgiving and we had some unseasonable warm weather in the Ottawa valley.  It was an absolute treat to be outside all weekend enjoying the warm breeze and sunny days.

With the gorgeous weather, it was the perfect time to enlist some of my nieces and nephews to help me with a project…  painting_pumpkins_in_octoberpainting pumpkins!

Painting pumpkins very easy and almost every type of paint works incredibly well on pumpkins.  You can use any paint you would like to paint designs, patterns, faces and a plethora of other things on the pumpkin skin.  cleaning_pumpkins_before_paintingWe started by cleaning the pumpkins with some dish soap and water and then dried them throughly with paper towels.  This allowed for a nice smooth and clean surface to work with. paints_for_pumpkin_painting The kids used a variety of types and colours of paint for painting their pumpkins.  The paints were mostly simple craft paints; some chalk and some decorative.  painting_fall_pumpkinspumpkins_being_paintedThe older kids used small paint brushes to paint patterns and pictures on their pumpkins. pumpkin_painting_by_three_year_oldWhile, the younger ones just painted them all over mixing the colours as they went.pumpkin_painting_activityThey were each allowed to paint whatever they liked on their pumpkin and this allowed each child’s creativity to shine through.pumpkin_painted_with_craft_paintpumpkin_painted_with_chalk_paintpumpkins_painted_by_kidsThe paint held up beautifully on the pumpkins and was the perfect activity to engage their little hands and huge imaginations.  kids_showing_off_their_painted_pumpkinsPainting pumpkins gave us another chance to be outside on Thanksgiving day and provided *the kids* (Ok,OK and me too!) with lots of fun and giggles.

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