Tools of the Trade: My Favourite Brushes

As someone who has done a lot of furniture refinishing and painting I am always on the hunt for good brushes.  A good paint brush really and truly does make the difference when you are painting.  People tend to think (or are told at the store) that they can use any old paint brush.  I tend to disagree though and am really a believer that a quality brush will always give you a nicer finish and make the job so much easier.

Madeline Brushes

It is worth mentioning, before I go any further, that this is NOT a sponsored post.

I have been using Madeline brushes pretty much since the day I started refinishing furniture. These brushes are my go-to brushes not only for furniture but for all of my classes as well.  I really couldn’t work without them so I simply wanted to share them with you!

To make sure you got the inside scoop on these great brushes, I went straight to the creator and owner; Katrina Barkley to ask her some questions… Madeline paint brush handles and logo

Why did you decided to make a brush line? 

“It’s been almost 7 years since I first developed the brushes. I was looking for good quality natural bristle paint and wax brushes but they were hard to find. There were a couple of options in the US, but they were quite expensive to bring into Canada. So, I went searching for a brush manufacturer. After a lot of phone calls and emails, I found the perfect company who were excited to work with me on my idea. In the beginning, we started with two sizes of wax brushes, and we’ve now grown to have nine bespoke Madeline products in our line.”Madeline natural bristle brushes

Are they made in Canada?

“Yes, our Madeline natural bristle paintbrushes and Madeline wax brushes are handmade in Canada by a small family-run company who have been making brushes for over 100-years.”Madeline Paint brushes with paint on them

Madeline paint brushes with purple, blue and green paint

What is your favourite product in the line?

“I love the Madeline Mini Wax Brushes! We have a flat one and one with a rounded tip. These are perfect for using antiquing wax, to helping push it into crevices and corners. I’m a detail person, so having a brush that really helps me focus on those small areas is perfect.”all sizes of Madeline wax brushes

four Madeline wax brushes

Can you tell us a bit about some of their great features? 

“We use the best quality natural bristles on both our paint and wax brushes, so they are very soft and flexible for beautifully applying any paint and wax.”well loved and used Madeline wax brushes with clear and Black wax

“Our Buffing Mitt and Buffing Brush are incredible tools for getting a gorgeous sheen on your pieces! The Buffing Brush can be used during the waxing or after waxing to help even out the wax finish and will buff the surface to an amazing shine. And I love the Buffing Mitt when I have things like chair legs and spindles to work around — it’s also pretty amazing for general upkeep and bringing back the shine when your piece starts looking matte over time.”Madeline wax mitt and brush “Having a number of different sizes of tools was important to me. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and I wanted to have a number of options for which size brush to use. We have 3 sizes of flat natural bristle brushes, in 2″, 1.5″ and 1″. And for our wax brushes, there are 4 sizes to choose from. This is also really useful for when you want to use different brushes for different colours of wax.”Madeline waxing brushes and toolsI couldn’t agree more with Katrina that having different sizes and styles available for a project makes it so much easier!  And, having a quality brush really does make all the difference.

A huge thanks to Katrina for taking the time to give us some great info on the wonderful Madeline Brush line!

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And to see (or purchase) any of the Madeline brushes, you can visit the website here…

Happy painting!

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