Add a Farmhouse Touch With This Quick and Easy Upcycle

I have done a couple of trips this summer to different parts of Quebec and on each outing I picked up some small vintage finds.  None of the pieces were very expensive and alone they didn’t amount to much, but when put together, they became a super easy upcycle that adds just the perfect amount of Farmhouse charm.

French Milk Caps and Hooks

On my last day-tripping adventure to Finnegan’s Market in Hudson Quebec, I grabbed these amazing vintage French milk caps.  They were really inexpensive (50¢ a piece!) and I love the colours and graphics.  Aren’t they so cool?! I didn’t really have a use for them at the time but I knew they were too good to pass up.vintage Quebec milk caps in French The other vintage pieces for this project came from my trip in May to Mont Tremblant, Quebec.  The towns leading up the mountain are just filled with old shops bursting at the seams.  At one stop along the way, I grabbed 3 of these old screw hooks.  At $2 apiece they couldn’t be passed up either.vintage plastic covered screw hooks

Reclaimed Wood

A piece of reclaimed wood was all these random pieces needed to tie them together and I had the perfect piece.

One of the things I hate about cutting reclaimed wood though is that the cut end never looks good.  You have this gorgeous piece of aged wood and then this stark, fresh, cut that looks so out-of-place.cut reclaimed wood before Varathane Weathered Wood AcceleratorIn comes one of my favourite products for upcycling!  Varathane has some amazing stuff called Weathered Wood Accelerator and it does exactly what it says… weathers fresh-cut wood to look old.  Have you tried it?Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator All you have to do is brush on a nice helping of the Accelerator on the cut,  wait a few minutes, and voila!  It almost instantly ages the cut.  Isn’t it amazing??  I really can’t say how much I love this stuff!  Every time I use it, I am amazed at how it changes the wood so quickly and makes it look so much better.using Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator on the end of reclaimed wood

Putting it All Together

With the reclaimed wood looking soo much better,  putting it together was simple.  The hooks got screwed in…adding vintage hooks to reclaimed woodand the milk caps were glued above each hook using wood glue.adding vintage French milk caps to reclaimed wood for upcycle project

A Farmhouse Touch

This project was so quick and easy that even the newest of upcyclers can make it with just a few vintage finds.   You could change it up too and put anything you’d like above the old hooks.

I think the weathered hooks and colourful French milk caps add the prettiest touch though to an otherwise boring wall.  upcycled French milk caps with vintage hooks and reclaimed wood

vintage French milk caps with reclaimed wood and vintage hooksHave you found anything lately that you weren’t really sure what to do with?  I’d love to see what you make!

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linen apron with straw and straw bagIf you would like to make this project and are not sure where to get vintage milk caps, here is a link to new ones that are vintage-inspired (and feel like the old chipboard ones).   linen apron hanging from an upcycled piece of wood and vintage milk caps

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