Day Tripping: Finnegan’s Market in Hudson, Quebec

I finally made it to Finnegan’s Market in Hudson Quebec!  If you ever have a free Saturday in the summer/early Fall and are in the vicinity of Eastern Quebec, Finnegan’s is a must!

This quaint market (which I might add is named after a beloved family pet), located in a farmer’s field, is a vintage lover’s dream.  I had heard great things about it but had never taken the time to go until a few weeks ago.  The day I made the 1.5 hour trip to the market it was overcast and rainy so there were fewer vendors than normal, but, it was still worth every minute of the drive.  I found the prices to be reasonable, the vendors lovely, and the setting serene and beautiful.  I can’t believe I waited so long!

Not only is this flea market perfectly off the beaten path, but it is in the most charming, out-of-the-way village along the Ottawa river.  I wanted to drive the winding road to the market as slow as possible just so I could soak it all in.  Finnegans Market in Hudson, Quebec, Canada

Antiques and Vintage Wares

Finnegan’s is not your typical flea market.  It is on an old family farm and many of the vendors are set up in barns that are centuries old.  The incredible barns themselves are worth the trip!  Just imagining all of the animals, people, and events that have been in them over the years was amazing.  
Antiques sign Finnegan's Market Hudson QuebecInside the barns, vintage wares were piled high and displayed in every corner possible.antiques and vintage finds Finnegan's Market Hudson Quebec There were antiques, salvaged goods and vintage finds that would easily suit every taste and searcher.  I can’t imagine anyone going home without carting some treasure they found along with them.old wash basins Finnegan's Market

old silver ware Finnegan's Marketvintage fishing lures Finnegan's MarketAnd it wasn’t just the barns that were stocked full of finds, the ground around them was bursting with colourful wares.  old red wheelbarrow at Finnegan's Marketvintage wares and finds Finnegan's Flea Market Hudson Quebec

Fresh Local Foods

If you make the trip to Finnegan’s be sure to go hungry as well!  There is fresh, local produce galore and every kind of pie, pickle and treat you could wish fresh foods Finnegans Market, Hudson Quebec

At least one of these baskets of sweet strawberries made the trip home ♥Finnegan's Market Hudson Quebec

My Finds

I also couldn’t pass picking up a few vintage things while I was there.

I found this amazing vintage picnic basket that I fell in love with instantly.  It was tucked way back in a corner that I couldn’t reach but didn’t let that stop me.  With my umbrella in hand, I stretched and hooked and pulled until it was mine ♥I also bought a few of these vintage milk caps that will be part of an easy DIY upcycle I’ll be sharing shortly.  How pretty are their subject matter and colours?  The fact that they are in French makes them even more special! How could I pass them up at only 50¢ a piece?! Even though the charming woman who began the market felt terrible that I came on such a rainy day, I had an absolutely wonderful time!!  Sure there were fewer vendors than on a bright, sunny day… buuut that also meant there were fewer crowds and that allowed me to longingly poke around at my leisure. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed this delightful market! I am most certain it will be an annual (if not bi-annual) day-trip for me from now on!

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