Simply Sunday: An Ode to Lilacs

It’s been some time since I did a simply Sunday post and today’s post is my Ode to Lilacs ♥

Spring was soo late in coming this year that we actually still have lilacs on the trees here!  I can’t ever remember a time when lilacs have still been around at the end of June!!

With the bumper crop of gorgeous blooms this year (and Lilacs being my favourite ♥ ) it seemed perfect on this Sunday to share some beautiful Lilacs with you.


a large lilac bush in the city

beautiful multi-coloured lilacs

lilacs and amazing green leaves

beautiful purple lilac blooms

pink hued lilac blooms in Spring

multicoloured lilac blooms in Ottawa, Canada

And who can resist such beautiful blooms with vintage Ironstone…

light purple lilacs and Ironstone lids

lilac blooms and Ironstone

fresh lilacs and Ironstone tureen with lids

Ironstone tureen and lilacs

beautiful multicoloured lilacs in a vintage Ironstone tureen with lids

fresh Lilacs in a vintage Ironstone tureen

Have a simply beautiful Sunday ♥

4 Comments on " Simply Sunday: An Ode to Lilacs "

  1. Lisa

    Excellent pics & post! When we lived in Barrhaven, I picked a bunch of lilacs off some bushes in a city park and gave a big bouquet to our neighbour – you would have thought I brought her a dozen roses! She was battling cancer at the time and it made my day to see her so happy over a simple bouquet. Sadly, she passed away but everytime I see lilacs now, I think of her…..

    1. Lisa

      That is such a beautiful thing to do Beverly and such a lovely memory to have of her <3 I can imagine anyone not being cheered up by beautiful flowers!

  2. Lisa

    Maybe it’s the fact that we share a first name; maybe it’s our shared love of vintage and of painting and recreating furniture. But lilacs are also my favorite, I do believe they are a gift to us for making it through yet another winter! Thanks for these beautiful photos.

    1. Lisa

      🙂 That is a beautiful way of looking at it Lisa!! We definitely need some rewarding after the winter we had this year… it just never ended!! I am always so happy to find other kindred spirits who love vintage, paint and flowers <3

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