Federal Style Coffee Table

I love old, vintage coffee tables.  There is something about their craftsmanship that you rarely see today.  They are usually solid wood, gorgeously detailed and beautifully carved.vintage coffee table before paintingThis table that I found at the thrift store fit that bill.

Although it was a little banged up and dated looking, it was still in fantastic shape for it’s age.  I love it’s details and stately legs and knew a little paint and stain would do wonders to transform it into a modern table.sanded down table topI wanted to preserve the beautiful wood grain on the table top so decided to sand it down and re-stain it.

The stain on vintage tables tends to be pretty scratched up when you find them.  Sanding and re-staining is a great way to preserve the lovely wood grain that is usually underneath.staining a table top with General Finishes Java Gel StainOnce sanded, I applied two coats of General Finishes Java Gel Stain with a foam brush leaving 24 hours between each coat.

Once the stain was fully dry, I applied four coats of the General Finishes Gel Topcoat.  Again, leaving 12 – 24 hours between each coat to allow them to fully dry.  The top coat provides a lovely finish that isn’t too shiny or matte and protects the stain.details on vaintge Federal style coffee tableI wanted to keep the table classic and elegant to match it’s Federal style so chose Country Chic’s Furniture and Home Decor paint in Vanilla Frosting for the base.

Vanilla Frosting is a creamy, slightly off-white that really did justice to the curves and carvings of the table.beautiful Federal style legs on vintage coffee tableTo seal and protect the paint, and add a subtle iridescent sheen, I finished the table off with two coats of their Pearl Wax.details on vintage table topbeautiful blue and white tea cups with candlesvintage coffee table painted with Country Chic Paint and stained with General Finishes StainI picked up this table for next to nothing and am so glad I didn’t pass it up.   The same quality would be hard to find today without paying a ton of money.  Just one of the reasons I will always choose vintage over new when I can.

4 Comments on " Federal Style Coffee Table "

  1. Lisa

    Do sell these beautiful pieces of furniture after you finish and how?

    1. Lisa

      Hi Yvonne! I do sell most of my pieces after they are done. They can be found for sale on the shop page or on the Recreated Designs Facebook page. The smaller pieces are also available in the Etsy shop.

  2. Lisa

    Lisa, this is so pretty. I haven’t tried any of the GF Java Gels yet but I recently painted the bathroom cabinet using GF milk paint for the first time and loved it. I can’t wait to try more of their products now. Your table is so pretty, As always, you chose the perfect color combinations 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Coco! I have tried their milk paint as well and really loved it. I actually used it to paint a metal trash can that was getting pretty rusty and it has held up beautifully 😉 I hope you are having a great week!! Hugs, Lisa

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