A Farmhouse Cabinet

The paint used for this project was generously provided by the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.  The genuine opinions expressed are completely my own.

This month I had the pleasure of participating in the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest again!  If you missed previous contest makeovers, you can see some of them here, here and here.FFFC graphic (6.18.2016)The theme for July was Farmhouse Fun and we had the privilege of working with the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.

Milk paint is beautiful, simple and classic.
With my love for vintage and antique furniture, it is the perfect paint for old pieces.
It has been around for centuries and the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company recreated an old Milk Paint formula (back in the 70’s) so that painters would have an authentic, all-natural choice when refinishing furniture.  Their colours are fantastic and imitate ones found on antique Colonial and Shaker furniture.

For our Farmhouse Fun contest this month, I chose a piece that was previously painted. an antique chifferobe that was given a modern look with Fusion Mineral Paint in Champness and chalkboard paintEven though I loved the colours of this old chifferobe, I had been wanted to redo it.  I wanted to give it more of a farmhouse look that better represented its past.Old Fashioned Milk PaintTo give the piece that Farmhouse feel, I chose Barn Red and Light Cream from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint line.  Both colours reminded me of ones you would have seen a hundred years ago and just spoke “Farmhouse” to me.  wax puck over Red Barn Milk PaintI began by giving the entire piece a coat of paint in the Barn Red with Extra Bond added to make sure it adhered.  Even though I wanted to bulk of the piece to be cream, I wanted the red to play a prominent role.  I wanted both the inside of the wardrobe to be red and wanted the red to show through once it was distressed.

To encourage the red to show through once the cream was painted on, I ran a wax puck over the edges before adding the cream paint. Red paint peaking through white milk paintThe red immediately began to show itself with just a little light sanding once the cream layer was dry.  It is the perfect complement to really draw your eye to the beautiful lines of this old, handmade piece.  Bard Red Milk Paint inside of a chifferobe Old Fasioned Milk Paint in Barn Red and LIght CreamI absolutely love the pop of colour the Barn Red brings to the inside of the wardrobe.  The red and white are such classic farmhouse colours that they just enhanced an already beautiful piece.   my urban farmhouse chalkboardold Chifferobe painted with Old Fashioned Milk PaintI am so happy that I got to try the Old Fashioned Milk Paint line.  I loved this piece before, but, by using the milk paint (and the truly authentic colours), I feel like this piece is finally comfortable in its own skin.

To see some other amazing projects done with Old Fashioned Milk Paint, pop over to Evey’s Creations or Anastasia Vintage.

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10 Comments on " A Farmhouse Cabinet "

  1. Lisa

    Hi Lisa! We need to paint a red dresser in white this week. It belonged to my grandfather on the farm. My cousin painted it red years ago and when they moved, she gave it to me. Annie is going to use it in her room at university. I am not familiar with your wonderful brands of paint…Would you be able to recommend a white paint that we would be able to get easily around here with low cost at a hardware store? (We haven’t painted furniture in years. We loved Old Village Paint way back when.)

    1. Lisa

      Oh Loralee… I can’t believe Annie is going to University already!! It seems like we were in it last year. 🙂 *sigh* I have used Behr (Home Depot) before and it has worked great for furniture. You can really used any of the brands that you find at the hardware store. You should only need a quart size and just make sure to get one with a primer. That will help it adhere to the surface. As long as it wasn’t painted with an oil based paint previously (which I doubt it was) you shouldn’t have any problems. Give it a quick once over with a piece of sand paper to rough it up a little bit and then just paint right over the existing paint. Have fun!!

      1. Lisa

        I know! It seems we were just there! 🙂
        THANK YOU for your help!
        Your blog is wonderful. Your work is beautiful!

    2. Lisa

      P.S. I haven’t tried Old Village Paint so I’ll be sure to check it out!

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t that red so pretty?! I love the red and white together… they are so summery looking to me. I can’t wait to look through everyone else’s projects. Thanks so much for stopping by Brenda.

    1. Lisa

      😉 Thanks Cecilia! I love it both ways as well but I think it suits it more in the white… hard to say though…

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t that red gorgeous?! Thanks so much for stopping by Darrielle.

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