Paint the Colours of a Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada can be very long… that is no secret.  But, while it can be daunting and dark and cold, it can also be beautiful and cozy and relaxing.

White is definitely the spokes-colour of winter here.  White is not the only prominent colour in winter though.  When it is really cold, the skies are beautiful shades of blue.  When it is warmer and snowing, the world is grey.  And right in the middle of it all, we get a little break with a holiday all sprinkled with pink and red ♥

Last Fall I did a series called Paint the Colours of a Canadian Fall.  The series featured furniture painted by local artists in gorgeous Fall colours and let me tell you, there is some talent around here!

We had such fun seeing everyone’s beautiful furniture that I wanted to do a similar series for Winter.  Paint the Colours of a Canadian WinterFor each of the next four weeks, painters will feature their pieces painted in colours that are reminiscent of Canadian winters.  This series will not only feature local painters but ones from all over North America.

Join us each week to be inspired by white, pink and red, grey and blue.  Lots of white snow during a Canadian winterWhite – February 7

pink polka dot heart laying on snowPink and Red – February 14

a grey winter sky in CanadaGrey – February 21

Clear blue winter skyBlue – February 28

See you back here on Tuesday as we are inspired by all things white.

If you are a furniture painter and would like to submit your pieces for a feature, please email pictures to me at [email protected]

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  1. Lisa

    Lovely idea… can’t wait to see the whites!!!!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Louise! I looove white so it will be fun to have so much white inspiration in one place 😉

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