Make Ordinary IKEA Glass Jars Festive for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is definitely in full swing and that can be stressful for some. House decorating, gift buying, family dinners… there is so much to get done. It doesn’t have to be stressful though and today I want to show you a fun project that can add a little festive touch to your kitchen or be given as a gift to just about anyone on your list.

Glass Jars

I started with this $7 glass cookie jar from IKEA. I love these glass jars because you can literally store anything in them. They have a seal so they work for food but you can also use them in so many other ways.

This project would be great with other glass as well. You could upcycle a piece you no longer need or grab a jar at the thrift store. Thrift stores are cram-jam-packed with glass jars

glass jar from IKEA

Adding a Transfer

Transfers work beautifully on glass and you can combine them in any way that you like. I used two different Christmas IOD transfers. The one below is the Christmas Valley transfer set.

Christmas Valley IOD transfers

I cut the set apart and played with the pieces I thought would look good on the jar. This evergreen branch looked great around the base of the jar and I was able to add several pieces together to reach all the way around.

applying an evergreen branch trasnfer to a glass jar

Once the pieces were decided upon, they needed to be transferred to the glass. You start by removing the back and then using the palm of your hand to lightly rub it to start the adhesion process.

Christmas transfers on an IKEA jar

Each transfer package comes with a stick that is used to rub the transfer until it separates from the grid sheet and is attached to the glass.

rubbing an evergreen transfer

You can tell when the transfer has separated because the colour will change – like the base of the evergreen below.

pulling up a transfer from a glass jar

After it has all separated, the grid sheet falls off and leaves the beautiful transfer stuck to the glass. The colours and patterns are truly gorgeous on glass.

everygreen transfers on a glass jar

Transfers can be layered and you can add as many little bits as you like.

attaching transfers to a glass jar

Adding the Finishing Touches

To add a touch of blue, I grabbed some pretty cotton striped ribbon.

blue striped ribbon

One last little transfer was added to the lid and the ribbon was attached to the knob.

blue striped ribbon attached to a glass cookie jar

An ordinary jar from IKEA looks completely different (and festive) with just a few transfer pieces.

cookie in a glass jar with a bluebird

I keep this one for myself because I adore little birds but I can see making more of these for gifts. Who couldn’t use a pretty glass jar for sweets and treats during the holidays?

cookie jar on a counter in front of a star

🎄🎄 Check out how I used a holiday transfer on a reclaimed mirror last Christmas here… 🎄🎄

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  1. Lisa

    What a wonderful and creative idea,
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    You’re so right it’s the perfect thoughtful gift for anytime of year.

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much! It was really easy to make and there are so many variations you can create for any time of the year 😉

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