What to do with a Salvaged Cork Board and a Little Burlap

Last month I salvaged a large cork board on one of my trips around the Ottawa valley.  It was the perfect size to hang on a wall in an office or bedroom.  I didn’t have plans for it when I grabbed it and threw it into the car but I just had that feeling I would need it one day soon 😉salvaged cork boardThe frame had previously been painted and there were some holes but other than that, the board was in great shape.  salvaged cork board with holes and paintWouldn’t you know, not two weeks or so after picking this up, I had a request to make a custom board for a client.  And the size she needed?  Exactly the size of the board.  I just love it when things like that happen!adding trim to cover the edge of the burlapShe wanted a rustic look for her daughter’s bedroom and loved the look of burlap.

To recreated the frame, it was sanded down and got two coats of Country Chic Paint in Liquorice.

The cork was covered with a large sheet of burlap.  The burlap works perfectly to camouflage the cork while still allowing you to use push pins easily.  burlap and jute trim added to a salvaged cork boardThe inside of the frame was finished off with some jute trim in varying widths.  reclaimed cork board painted black with Country Chic Paint in LicquoriceAs a final touch to the rustic board, I added some large burlap flowers to adorn the sides.  antique natural bristle brush

reclaimed cork board covered with burlap and flowersreclaimed cork board covered with burlap and burlap flowersI love finding old cork boards; there are so many things you can do with them.  Each one has its own characteristics and turns out so differently.  This one was no exception.

I am sure this one’s new owner will enjoy it for years to come ♥

I regularly add them to my Etsy store (and bring them to sales) if you are looking for ideas or want to purchase one.

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