$100 Room Makeover Challenge – Week 2

Well, the bathroom refresh for under $100 is well underway and, as the past year has gone, it has been filled with unexpected challenges. If you missed the first week of the challenge last week, you can read about it here… 

For this refresh, I am working on my Master bathroom.

master bedroom looking into bathroom

The first thing on my list of to-dos was to paint the walls… and this was the only part that has gone as planned so far LOL.

The walls had been a light beige colour that always looked a little bit dirty. Giving them a few coats of Sherman Williams Westhighland White has already made a huge change in this windowless room. It looks cleaner, brighter, and happier with the white.

bathroom painted white

Expect the Unexpected

As for the rest of the room, I had a few plans that had to do a 180.

I had planned to replace the counter with a wood one but now that we are locked down in Ontario, that will have to wait. I could do curbside pickup but I am really picky about wood so I will hold off until I can see the wood in person and pick out the one I want.

Also putting a glitch in my plan was the mirror. It was the original builder mirror and I had planned to take it down and replace it with this vintage one from our cottage…

vintage mirror

Unfortuantely, I tried everything to get that darn builder mirror off of the wall. I tried knives, cake spatulas, you name it. It must have been attached with the most industrial two-sided tape you have ever seen. I couldn’t even get it to budge. The mirror won’t be going anywhere for the next 50 years. So… no vintage mirror for this space.

Next on the List

Not to be deterred though, there are still a lot of things I can do with the space to refresh it.

This old medicine cabinet that was in my grandparent’s 100-year-old house will be getting a makeover and going in the room.

vintage medicine cabinet painted pink

I also have big plans for this vintage window.

large vintage window

The next step though will be to paint the cabinets and the counter. I have already started this by filling the hardware holes.

bathroom cabinet before being painted

I am totally thrilled with the challenge so far and even though a few of the original plans have been sidelined, there are still fun things in the works. Don’t forget to check back in next Wednesday to see how the cupboards and counter turned out and then in two weeks for the room reveal.

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