Can You Paint a Countertop You’re Sick Of? Absolutely!

Last year I was looking for a way to change my Master bathroom countertop that didn’t involve ripping it out or replacing it. I am all for as little demo as possible when updating things so it’s no surprise that I chose paint to refresh it. You can see the original bathroom transformation here… 

stains on bathroom counter

The Original Painted Countertop

This is what the countertop looked like after I painted it and it has held up incredibly well. Unfortunately, not long after I painted it, I set a can of trim paint on it and forgot about it for a few days. UGH.

bathroom counter and cabinet painted with milk paint

Since the top coat hadn’t had time to fully cure yet (typically about 30 days), it left the ring below and I was never able to get rid of it. It has always bugged me so I finally decided to just repaint the countertop.

Please note that this was completely my error and had nothing to do with the process or products. I knew better and yet I set the can there anyway 🙁

painted countertop with a ring on it

Repainting the Countertop

Repainting the counter was a quick and easy job and frankly, I don’t know why I put it off for so long!

I started by giving it a good sanding with some gritty sandpaper.

sanding a countertop

Last time I used Fusion Milk Paint and while I loved the effect, I decided to use Fusion Mineral Paint this time for ease of application (milk paint would involve a bonding agent).

I wanted a similar colour as to what I had done last time so chose to mix Algonquin with a little bit of Soap Stone. The Soap Stone helped to tone down the brown of the Algonquin and I am thoroughly impressed that it didn’t even take 2 sample-sized cans to repaint.

To apply the paint, I used two of my favourite Staalmeester brushes. I used the small, thin angled one to get the paint next to the wall and around the sink and the beautifully smooth and flat one for the rest.

supplies for painting a counter top

Since the countertop was already painted, I didn’t need to apply a layer of Ultra Grip again as I did originally.

When I painted it the first time, I gave it a good sanding and then applied Ultra Grip to make sure the paint adhered to the Laminate.

painting a countertop with Fusion Mineral Paint

To add a little faux texture, I added little hints of the Soap Stone throughout the wet paint before it dried.

painting a countertop

Sealing the New Paint

Once the paint was fully dry, I brushed on three coats of the Tough Coat in Matte for protection.

Now, all that is left to do are a few touch-ups on the wall around the counter and seal the edges up with some silicone… AND give it time to cure before leaving heavy things on it again!! LOL. painted countertop

I really can’t say enough how thrilled I was (and am) with how well it turned out the first time (and this time). It has held up to constant use and cleaning without a chip, crack, or discolouration.

Just remember that all paints and topcoats require about 30 days for the water to evaporate out of them and cure. It is during this time that you should be gentle with your painted surface. Trust me, I will head my own advice and be careful not to leave anything heavy on it this time for a few weeks. Once the products are fully cured, anything goes and it will hold up to normal wear and tear.

This was such an easy and cheap way to update a countertop. I would do it again in a heartbeat and love that it updates a space for next to nothing. If you decide to paint your countertop, drop your questions below and I’ll be happy to answer them!


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2 Comments on " Can You Paint a Countertop You’re Sick Of? Absolutely! "

  1. Lisa

    Hello Lisa!! Your sink countertop looks beautiful!! My question is, if your countertop and sink are all one piece, can it still be painted?!? I’m not sure what it is made of but it definitely is not laminate or Formica. It seems to be more like ceramic?!? I just bought my house and the sink top does not go with my color scheme. I really do not want to replace it, just yet.

    Thank you in advance for helping!
    Margie Kepner

    1. Lisa

      Hi Margie, Thanks so much, and thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, painting ceramic/porcelain is a little bit different. There probably isn’t a defining line between the sink and counter it sounds like so to paint it you would have to paint the sink bowl as well. You can paint a sink but it is a different process and there are special products specifically for it. As I haven’t used them, I am not sure which is the best but I have seen products designed specially to paint those types of sinks/tubs/counters. I would try your local home improvement store. There should be kits with everything you need in them to do the job. I hope that helps! Best of luck with your project. Lisa

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