How To Use Paint Inlays and Other DIY Videos

Do you remember when I tried paint inlays for the first time about a month ago? I fell in love with them as soon as I tried them even though I had been very skeptical. You can find that project here…

IOD Rose Chintz inlay and a thrifted wood cutting board

At the time, I lost the video to show you how to use them (ugh technology!!) but I’ve rerecorded it using another inlay so you can see a different pattern.

You can find the video on the step-by-step process here…

peeling off an IOD inlay

If you are new or have not checked out my DIY Tip of the Day videos yet, you can find the playlist here or the Recreated Designs Youtube channel here.

You will find videos on everything from choosing a paintbrush to painting spindles.

paintbrushes and the word recreate

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