I have been making the rounds of the dump “stores” this summer on a regular basis and found these old cookie tins one week.  There are sooo many of these tins out there that I wanted to upcycle them into something useful and make a tiered stand.

Tiered stands are perfect to use just about anywhere in your space.   This one was either going to be for office things or decor… frankly I’m still not sure 😉recycled cookie tins and spindleEach of the tins got two coats of Country Chic Paint in Coastal Fog on all sides to start.recycled cookie tins painted with Country Chic Paint in Coastal FogCoastal Fog is a beautiful cross between grey and beige… greige.  I love how it pulls in both the greys and beiges in a space. painted reclaimed spindlesTo give the tins some space between them, I cut one of those spindles I never seem to run out of in half and gave it a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement.finding the centre of the a cookie tinBefore adding the spindle, I needed to find the middle to make sure the stand stood true.

Here’s a little trick to find the middle of each tin… Trace the tin on a piece of paper.  Cut out the circle and then fold in quarters.  Once you have the middle, place the paper back on the tin and drive a nail through the centre.  applying Gorilla glue to recycled tin cansOnce you have the middle marked, you will know where to add the glue.

I used Gorilla Glue to keep all of the pieces of my tiered stand together.  I tried several different glues and this was, by far, the best one.To help with organization (and because I still wasn’t sure what I was going to put in each tin) I painted on little labels.

When Fusion Mineral Paint is dry, you can write on it just like a chalkboard!  I used Midnight Sky for my labels.get organized with a tiered standI added some little wood knobs (that came with my hoard of spindles!) as feet.painted wood knobs being used for feetadding feet to recycled cookie tins to make feet

get organized with a tiered standI still can’t decide where I want to use my tiered stand but maybe that’s the best part… I can switch it up and use it in different places when the fancy strikes 🙂home decor tiered stand made from upcycled tin cansmaking a tiered stand out of upcycled cookie tins

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turn old cookie tins into a DIY tiered stand

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  1. Lillie Zimmerman says:

    Can these be used to store food in? (fruit) If so what kind of paint should I use.

    • Hi Lillie, Yes you could store fruit in them. Since the fruit that you would put in them would generally have a peel on it, it wouldn’t matter what paint you use to paint the tins but I would not put wax over the paint. Some of the waxes have chemicals in them that you would not want against your fruits. Any of the paints with a top coat built in like a laytex, Fusion Mineral Paint or Country Chic Paint would all be good to use.

  2. Oh my, girl you are nailing these projects. Lovin it! Must make it!

  3. Very nice!
    Do you have to prime the cookie tins before painting and do you use spray paint or a brush?

    • No, you do not need to prime the tin at all. I just used the paint directly on the tin and it adhered beautifully. I used a brush on these tins.

  4. Cathy McNeill says:

    I had a question. You used a mail to mark the center and then glued them together. The nail wasn’t nailed in to keep it together?

    • Correct, I just used the nail to make the centre. You could definitely use a nail or screw to add some extra strength to the stack. My spindles had holes in the middle so it was difficult but if you spindle was solid it would be a good idea to add a nail or screw to keep them all tight.

  5. Linda at Mixed Kreations says:

    What a great way to reuse cookie tins! I’m always seeing cookie tins at the thrift store. Nice color, and I like how you added the labels. Nice job! Thanjs for the tip on finding the center! Pinning!

    • I know right?! They are everywhere when you are at thrift shops. I have so many I needed to think of something to do with them 😉 I am so glad you liked it Linda and thank you for pinning!

  6. This is really pretty Lisa. In fact this one may be the prettiest one I’ve seen yet! Love the chalkboard labels.

  7. Love this idea, what a great way to recycle old cookie tins! Pinned and sharing

    • Aww thanks so much Marie! There are just so many of these tins around I thought this was a fun way to use a few 😉

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