How to Update an Old Lamp With a Little Glue and Fabric

It’s summer and that means lots of trips to the dump store 😉 Man, I just can’t get enough of that place! I now even have my mom and dad “shopping” for me all the time when I can’t get there ♥ How awesome is that? They know just what I love and have grabbed some awesome stuff for me! (wait until you see what they found today!) If you have missed past dump store finds, you can see some here, here and here.

With all of these cool finds, I couldn’t help but share another one with you today.

A few weeks ago I found this broken lamp. The shade was dented, the wood cracked and I wasn’t even sure it worked but I hauled it home anyway just because I loved the shape of the base!

Honestly, I didn’t even remember to plug it in and see if it worked until I was half way through the project I was so excited;) Oops! Lucky for me though, it worked!! Phew! old broken lamp found at the dumpI wanted the lamp to have a rustic look and was inspired by some vintage blue and cream striped fabric that I have had for a looong time. The fabric was perfect for my DIY lamp shade!

The Lamp Base

lamp base painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Midnight SkyFor the lamp base, I started with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Midnight Blue. Even though I planned on the base being cream, I wanted an undercoat of blue that would show through when it was distressed.    Applying a layer of Hemp Oil between paint layers to stop full adhesionOnce the Midnight Blue was dry, I rubbed on a coat of Hemp Oil. The Hemp Oil helped to keep the next layer from totally adhering to the blue so that the blue would show through.  drying Fusion Mineral Paint with a hair drier to get it to crackImmediately after applying the Hemp Oil, I added a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Plaster and began drying it with my hairdryer. The heat helped the paint to crack a bit and helped to separate the layers. I only used one coat of the Plaster and then applied the heat right away and the blue shone through beautifully!

Plaster is one of my favourite colours. It was the colour I used on the buffet I refinished with old family letters. It is such a pretty neutral when paired with any colour and it goes with anything. I just love it *sigh*. lamp base painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Midnight Sky and Plaster

The Shade

an old lamp shade painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Midnight SkyEven though the old shade was dented, I wanted to use it. With the fabric ruffles, you wouldn’t see the dent when it was finished so it didn’t bother me.

The shade got one coat of the Midnight Blue. The fabric will cover the entire shade but I painted it in case it peaked through anywhere.  vintage inspired blue and cream striped fabricIsn’t the fabric so pretty? You know I love blue and white/cream and this fabric is just so vintagy and gorgeous I couldn’t help but be inspired by it. attaching a strip of new fabric with hot glue to cover up a old salvaged lamp shadeTo cover the edges, I cut thin strips of the fabric and used my low-temp glue gun to stick them on.  using hot glue to cover up an old lamp shade with new fabricStart on the outside and then do the inside gluing it on both sides.attaching a thin strip of fabric to the top of a painted lamp shade to cover the old trim

Attaching fabric to an old lamp shade by using hot glue to make rufflesTo make the no-sew ruffles is so easy! Start at the top of the shade and make a glue line about two inches long. Lay the fabric strip on the glue and then push it with your finger or thumb until it scrunches up.

Be sure to work in small 1-3 inch strips so that the glue doesn’t harden before you can slide the fabric into a ruffle.  Adding ruffles to a salvaged lamp shade with vintage inspired fabric and hot glueContinue working around the shade, adding layers, until it is entirely covered. old lamp shade recreated with hot glue and vintage inspired striped fabricDoesn’t that look so pretty?! And there was not a stitch of sewing involved!

Do note that there will be little threads because nothing was sewn. I don’t mind those though since they just added to the vintage/rustic look.  Lamp that was saved from the dump recreated with paint, glue and fabricI am so thrilled that I grabbed this broken lamp from the dump store. Another find saved from the global trash stream! Antique quilt with a recreated salvaged lampDid you notice the antique quilt above? I just couldn’t help but add one more photo of it. It was my great-grandmothers and it looks so beautiful with the “new” lamp ♥old antique quilt

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    Great idea, thanks for the inspiration. I am about to tackle a few lamp shades so this was perfect inspiration!

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