Furniture Finishes Review

I love trying different products when it comes to painting and finishing furniture.  There are so many out there on the market that it is sometimes hard to decipher which one is for what and what they each do!
Here are the ones that I have tried and a few thoughts on each…
 Annie Sloan’s Soft Wax comes in clear and dark.  I have tried both and love them.  Both provide a sturdy and lasting finish over chalk paint.  The dark wax is usually used to highlight as opposed to an all over wax but can be used to darken all over as well.  I have used this wax over several different brands of chalk paint and it works wonderfully on all.
 Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture wax is a lovely, natural soft wax that leaves not only a delightful beeswax smell on your pieces but a nice, durable finish as well.  This wax goes on well over both milk paint and chalk paint.
Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp oil is one of my favourite finishes.  I have used this beautifully natural oil on both painted and raw wood.  The hemp oil not only nourishes dry, old wood but adds a slight sheen and strong finish to painted wood as well.  I find it the easiest to apply of all of the finishes as you just dab it on a cloth and rub it all over your piece.
Country Chic Paints has several different types of waxes in their line but I have only tried the Gold Wax so far.  I love this wax when I want to add a little hint of soft gold and sparkle to a flat looking piece.  This wax goes on very well and spreads easily.  A little goes a long way in adding depth and beauty to white and creamy coloured painted pieces.When applying any of the waxes, you can use a large or small natural bristled wax brush. I usually use a brush to apply a layer of wax all over a piece and then to rub it in. I find it a bit cumbersome to use but it gets the job done; especially on large pieces that could take a long time to wax with a cloth.
 My personal favourite though for applying any of the finishes above is still good old, clean socks.   Even when I apply wax with a brush, I always go over everything with a sock to smooth out the wax and rub it in.  You can use any type of lint, free, cotton cloth but I tend to use socks since I always seem to have a plethora of odd ones.
I truly love all of the products that I have tried above and they each have a unique smell, texture and finish.  As with paint, I mix and match and use what feels right when I am completing each piece of furniture.
Any of the above products can be found at your local stockist or online.  Links  can be found on the Links page of the blog. Please note that this blog post was not to promote any specific product but was simply my thoughts and opinions on the products I have tried.  Enjoy!

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