Holiday Magazine My Way Challenge

Holiday Magazine My Way Challenge
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 Back in November Katherine, from Katherines Corner, invited her readers to join her in what she hoped would become an annual event, the Holiday Magazine My Way Challenge. The instructions were to use a new or old holiday magazine cover (November/December) as our inspiration. Recreate it our way- by creating a copy using our own items. Or recreate the cover with our vision. 
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For my shoot, I chose the current cover of Vintage Holiday.  I was instantly drawn to the beautiful tree and the warm feel of the room in the picture.  This cover reminded me in a way of my own house and it had a feel that I could easily relate to.  I chose to recreated the cover so that it looked similar to the picture but using colours that I would use in my own decorating.magazine-my-way-challenge-vintage-holiday-magazine   This is the before picture; the corner of my living room that I was going to use to recreated the magazine cover.  holiday-magazine-my-way-challenge-beforeI began to pull together the things that I would need for the shoot including some wood from my parent’s house, a vintage egg basket that I had recently picked up in Pennsylvania,  (read about that trip here)holiday-magazine-my-way-challenge-before-woodand an antique bucket and some burlap.  magazine-challenge-my-way-before-bucket-burlapThe antique bucket and burlap were perfect for the tree base.  magazine-challenge-my-way-tree-bucketI also got the boxes wrapped with craft paper and tied up with lovely, thick black ribbons,  holiday-magazine-my-way-packagesa beautiful blue ribbon to hold back the curtains, holiday-magazine-my-way-challenge-curtainand some vintage-y looking glass balls in several colours including smoky blue, pearl, clear and wintery white.  holiday-magazine-my-way-tree-woodholiday-magazine-my-way-challenge-ornamentsholiday-my-way-challenge-treeThen to finish it all off, a sparkly silver bow for the top of the tree. hoiday-magazine-my-way-challenge-bowholiday-magazine-challenge-angleholiday-my-way-magazine-challengeThis challenge was so much fun!  Throwing my own spin on something as beautiful as a magazine cover was a great way to push my creative bounds while being keenly aware of all of the gorgeous details that make up a great shot.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.56.49 PMAnd of course, I couldn’t sign off without one last pic of this little guy who was apparently feeling left out while I was prepping and getting the shots.  He hopped up and posed as I snapped this last one and hopped down right after.  It couldn’t have been more perfect if I had tried to get him in on purpose 🙂  mugs-photo-shoot-recreation

It’s time to take the Holiday Magazine My Way Challenge Blog Tour.

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  1. Your version is much more beautiful and inviting than the actual cover… I could curl up with tea and a book in that room all day! Such a soothing pallet and Mugsie tops it off. Photos are ALWAYS better with our furry family members in them. Maybe you are preparing to branch out into a styling career- do a few more shoots like this and your portfolio will grow!! And come help me style our new house-Please! Not my skill set!! But you- fabulosity!

    1. That’s so sweet my dear friend 🙂 It makes me want to curl up too with a book too! Ok, I always want to do that but I do love this chair in particular for books. I’ll help any time… just say the word and I’m there 🙂 Hugs.

  2. I love your interpretation, Lisa–you did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for linking your post up at Vintage Charm 🙂

  3. Lisa! The whole styling is perfect and honestly… I think I prefer your version of the look! Well done, it is all so beautiful!
    Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Thanks so much Karren! I love burlap on just about anything so it was the perfect shoot for me 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, Lisa

    1. Thanks Robin! I am in love with anything burlap so this pic was perfect for me 🙂 And my model is always happy to help in anyway he can 🙂

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