DIY Wooden Headboard

A headboard is a beautiful way to personalize your bed and bedroom. It speaks of your style and desire to create an environment that reflects who you are and what you love. Having a headboard on your bed can be a big expense though, especially if you are on a tight budget.

This headboard, built from pine, was inexpensive and provides a striking focal point for a relaxing and rustic room. It can be built even in the smallest of spaces with limited tools.wood_for_DIY_headboard

The Wood

To make this headboard, you can use either new or reclaimed wood. roughing_up_wood_to_make_look_oldIf you are using new wood, you can create a rustic look by roughing up the wood before painting (AKA have your nieces and nephew pound it up on their gravel driveway in their jammies!. By banging up the wood with a hammer, screws and nails you can achieve dents and dings that will make the wood look weathered and worn after it is painted. sanding-wood-corners-to-look-oldRounding out the corners and edges to give the wood a worn and aged look and feel.cleaning_wood_after_roughing_upMake sure to clean the wood before painting.

The Paint

Once the wood has been roughed up, give it a wash of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Shutter Gray paint to make the wood look like aged cedar. wash-miss-mustard-seed-shutter-greyCreate a paint wash by watering down your paint, so that it is thinner than normal. For this project, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint was used as it has an authentic, all-natural look and feel that was ideal.miss-mustard-seed-bees-wax-puck-between-paint-layersRub the edges and corners with a Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint wax puck (or you can rub on a little wax as well) so that when the coat of Ironstone Milk Paint is added, it won’t adhere in these spots and the grey will show through. miss-mustard-seed-shutter-grey-under-ironstoneAfter each board is given a wash of gray paint, each one is painted with the Ironstone coloured milk paint until all of the boards are painted. The layering of the different colored paint allows you to create a look that is reminiscent of an old piece of furniture that has been painted many times over the years. When the paint layers have completely dried, lightly sand the edges and corners to reveal the color underneath. Light sanding also brings out the beauty of the dings and dents you created making the wood look old.using_miss_mustard_seed_furniture_wax_headboardFinish off all of the boards with a coat of Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax for protection.  This creamy wax will protect your new headboard and keep it looking beautiful.

Putting it All Together

To finish the headboard, once all of the wood pieces are painted and sanded, lay out the newly painted wood and arrange it in the order you would like them.arranging_boards_for_DIY_headboard The boards don’t need to match up evenly or perfectly — having them a little bit off will help with the rustic feel.applying-supports-diy-headboardUse two thinner pieces of wood as supports to hold the boards together. Screw two wood screws into each board on each side. This will keep the boards supported and secure, so that they do not shift once in place. The two thin support pieces should be measured and cut to the height that you want your new headboard and should reach down to the floor at the head of your bed, as they will support the entire piece.
new-wood-made-to-look-oldKeeping the edges uneven adds to the rustic look.  pillows-diy-headboard-woodOnce the boards have been attached to the support pieces, you can slip your new headboard in place in between the head of your bed and the wall. Your bed will keep the headboard securely in place without having to attach it to the wall or your love how easy and inexpensive this project was and the rustic impact it added to the bed and

diy-wood-headboard-dogIt is amazing how easily a little bit of wood can be transformed to look like it has been around for 100 years. You now have a beautiful headboard that can be left as is or decorated and changed up with the seasons.

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  1. This is awesome Lisa! It’s been a few months since I’ve used MMSMP but I love the way it layers so easily. Your headboard looks really nice and the littles are too cute. Hugs, CoCo

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