The Magical Power of a Lucky Felt Four-Leaf Clover

When I was young I spent all of my summers at the family cottage. It was a magical place to escape the city where trees, water, and dirt roads were abundant. It was what inspired me to write my book (Cottage Projects With a Vintage Flair) and fill it with projects that were reminiscent of these summers.

A lot of the time I was at the cottage, my grandparents were there too. My grandmother had a fondness for four-leaf clovers and I will never forget the hours spent sitting in the clover patches searching them out. She would offer anyone who found one a dollar so the stakes were high!

Whenever she got one, she would carefully lay it flat and then press it in her bible. I never did ask her why she loved the little things so much but I so wish I had.

To this day, whenever I see a four-leaf clover, I instantly think of her and those summer days laying in the grass searching out the clovers.

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make some four-leaf clovers in memory of her. They were a quick little project and I love seeing them sitting on my shelf.

Here is how to make them and hopefully they will bring you some luck 🍀


As with so much of what I make, I always try and use a natural element when I can. For the little clovers, I used some thin sticks for the stems.

I also thought it would be fun to display them in these little cloches I had.

The Cloches

The cloches were just little craft plastic ones but I love how small and cute they are. The top part pops right off so I was able to give the bases a coat of Pistachio coloured paint to make them look a little better.

The Felt

To make the four-leaf clovers, I cut four little hearts out of green felt for each one. How big your hearts are will depend on where you are putting them. Mine had to be quite small so that they would fit inside the cloches.

Once I had the little hearts cut, I placed the tips of them together, added a dab of hot glue, and popped in a little stick.

Displaying the Clovers

To display each clover, I added a little ball of clay to the centre of the cloche base. The clay allowed me to push the stick in and have the clover stand up inside of the cloche when it was closed.

I didn’t want to see the clay so I added some green moss around the base of the four-leaf clover once it was in.

I think these little four-leaf clovers are so cute and I know my Nana would have loved them. 🍀

And even though I know they aren’t magical, they did help to create some magical memories that have lasted a lifetime. 💚

If you read last week’s post, you might recognize these pretty green plates. I love the height and colour they bring to the shelf and for $3 each they were the perfect addition to my St. Patrick’s Day decor. 🍀

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