Making a Leash Holder Out of a Letter

I found this letter “I” not long ago at Michael’s and thought that it was the perfect shape to use as a bone for a dog project.  letter-cutout-projectOne of my best friends just got a new puppy and I wanted to put together a little welcome basket for Buster.  The letter “I” that looked like a bone would make the perfect leash holder for him.  adding-words-to-letter-cutoutTo customize the leash holder, I pencilled out Buster’s name first.  I always like to write words out with chalk or pencil before painting them so that the spacing will be correct.  Otherwise, if I didn’t, I always end up with wonky looking words.  fusion-mineral-paint-liberty-blueI used Fusion Mineral paint in Liberty Blue to paint over the pencil marks and write Buster’s name.  I love Fusion for writing and detail work… with its slightly thinner consistency it is perfect for detail work.  dog-leash-holder-projectTo finish it off, I added some polka dots around the edges and a couple of hearts with the same blue.
puppy-treats-basketAdd a few treats, gifts-for-puppya toy and a teething ring,welcome-basket-for-new-puppyand you have the perfect little gift basket for the cutest new puppy ever.  new-puppy-busterNow if only he’d stick to the teething ring instead of chewing her furniture and carpet 🙂buster-the-puppy

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