A Rainforest Inspired Dresser

The products used for this project were generously provided by Country Chic Paint but the genuine opinions expressed are completely my own.

Remember this dresser that I picked up a few weeks ago that was in such bad shape that even MY OWN MOM tried to convince me not to buy?  Well… here is how it was transformed into a Rainforest inspired dresser complete with a mischievous monkey! antique dresser before being recreatedWhen I saw this dresser, even though I was drawn to its beautiful size and lines, I thought twice about whether I wanted to lug it home or not because it was in such bad shape.    badly damaged veneer on an antique dresserMy inability to let it end up in a landfill won out though and I brought it home and fixed it.  (read about how easy it really was to fix the veneer here)country chic paint in Rustic CharmAfter the veneer was fixed and the surface was nice and smooth, I gave the entire dresser two coats of Country Chic Paint in Rustic Charm.   Country Chic Paint in Rustic Charm on an antique dresserThe gorgeous, fresh, green colour was the perfect backdrop for my Rainforest inspired dresser!chalking out a design to paint on a dresserchalking out a design before painting itOnce it was painted, I drew out the vines and monkey in chalk before I painted them.  I use this method often (you can see other examples here and here) because it allows me to play around with the design and position it just right before I commit to paint.  painting a chalked out picture on an antique dresserThen, once it was just right, I used black paint to outline the picture.  Country Chic Embossing Plaster in PralineIn order to really make the vines and monkey pop off of the dresser, I wanted to give them lots of texture.  Usually I just use paint and a brush to create texture but this time I wanted LOTS so I used some Praline Embossing Plaster from Country Chic Paint.  using Country Chic Paint Embossing Plaster to add textureTo get the texture I wanted, I used a thin popsicle stick and smeared on the Embossing Plaster throughout the vines and on the monkey’s body. creating texture with Country Chic Embossing Plaster

texture added under paintIt is absolutely incredible, once the monkey and the vines were painted, how real and dimensional they look with the added texture.  a rainforest vine painted on the top of a dresserCountry Chic Paint in Rustic Charmantique dresser painted with a monkeyI had so much fun with this piece!
The Embossing Plaster added so much life to the monkey that he seems like he could just jump right off and join in the fun 🙂


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  1. Lisa, your dresses is totally adorable. Love that green, and the monkey is just so cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  2. What a fun makeover. I love the color and the monkey in the tree is perfect for a nursery or kids room! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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