Country Chic Paint Metallic Cream

I have been playing with Country Chic Paint Metallic Creams lately and love how they can completely transform an item.  They are much thicker than paint, have beautiful opaque colours and are like a rich hand cream. gold frame before being paintedI picked up this old golden frame not long ago for $1 and wanted to change the look of it.  Even though I like the gold, I wanted it to be cohesive with a piece of furniture that I will be showing you next week.Country Chic Metallic Cream in Silver Bullet and TriggerFor this project, I used the Trigger and Silver Bullet Metallic Creams.  I had used the Silver Bullet several times before, both straight up and mixed with wax, (see one of the projects here) but had never used the Trigger. applying Country Chic Metallic Cream over a gold frameTo transform the frame, I began by brushing on the Trigger coloured cream.  Because of all of the nooks and crannies, I used a brush to make sure I got the cream into all of the tight spots. details on a frame covered with metallic cream (Country Chic Paint)Once the Trigger was dry and I had the coverage I wanted, I used a cloth to apply some of the Silver Bullet.  By using a cloth, I was able to wipe only the raised areas with the Silver Bullet which added some highlights.  Country Chic Paint Metallic Cream in Trigger and Silver Bullet over a gold frameThe highlights with the Silver Bullet were exactly what was needed to finish off the frame to add some depth and dimension.frame covered with Country Chic Paint Metallic Cream in Trigger and Silver BulletI absolutely love the mix of the gold, dark grey/black and silver and how easy the metallic cream was to use.  I can’t wait until next week to show you the large piece of furniture that I recreated with the Trigger Metallic Cream; you won’t want to miss it!




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  1. Lisa

    Lisa, this cream is so crazy! I didn’t even know you could use cream like this to make changes to the color of pieces like this mirror – that is so cool! Love the way this turned out! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t it amazing Coco?! I have quickly fallen in love with this cream for all surfaces. I’ve used it on plaster and wood and it looked gorgeous on both. You will definitely have to try this one 😉

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