Creative Projects for a Sunday Afternoon

March can be so dreary… at least in Canada. It feels like a great time to hunker down and enjoy whatever is left of the snuggly days of winter. If you love to make things, it’s the perfect time to create something new with what you already have at home.

I have gathered 7 of my latest Hometalk TV episodes that are perfect for a Sunday afternoon crafting session. So relax, grab your glue and have fun!


5 for 1 Recycle Bin Upcycles

In this episode, you get 5 projects in 1 video. Grab these things out of your recycle bin and turn them into something for your feathered friends, your plants, and your coffee table.

Watch this episode here…

recycle box material

Grow Your Art Collection for $2

Adding to your art collection can be expensive (and I looove a good vintage painting!) so in this episode, I show you how to make a $2 public domain image look like a vintage masterpiece.

Watch this episode here…

public domain art image

Make a Clutter Cover

We all have that pesky spot on our counter that just seems to attract clutter… I know I do. Grab three cutting boards and I’ll show you how to make a quick and easy clutter cover.

Watch this episode here…

Dollar store cutting boards

Get Organized

Grab your leftover cookie tins and get organized before spring gets here. These transformed tins are perfect for a home office, art supplies, or anywhere you need to clean things up a bit.

Watch this episode here…

cookie tins

Faux High-End Planter

Who needs to spend $90 on a planter when you can make it yourself for less than $15? Grab some foam rings and a thrift store plate to make these pretty planters.

Watch this episode here…

white plate and foam rings

Cozy Winter Art

As you begin to sort your things to make way for spring, don’t throw out that stained or stretched-out sweater. Turn it into this super cute piece of art and it will be ready to go next winter for you.

Watch this episode here…

sweater and winter hat

Beautiful Resin Coasters

This is probably my favourite episode from this winter. Grab some leftover tiles from your last renovation project (or the home improvement store) and your favorite fabric to make these. They take a bit of time to make but they are so worth it!

Watch this episode here…

fabric and white tiles

I hope that you found something among these episodes to keep you busy and creative. There is nothing better than relaxing on a Sunday with a fun craft project ♥

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