Furniture Stories: Meet Heather

by Heather Lloyd

My love for unusual and repurposed furniture and decor developed following the death of my mother. I was 40 when life added the unwelcome title of “orphan” to my resumé, and my family’s most precious link to the past immediately downscaled to an eclectic assortment of keepsakes. My mother, while rich beyond measure in love, integrity and vibrant life experience, had never been a wealthy woman financially. For her eight grown children, her legacy, in tangible terms, would be translated by way of the contents of several steamer trunks and suitcases.vintage costume jewelryAfter my mother’s estate had been divided and shared, I became family curator to a hodgepodge of musty-scented leftovers. At first the pile sat ignored in a corner of my basement. In those first weeks and months after her passing, I found it difficult to even look at those reminders of my past. But as time worked its healing magic on my sorrow, I found myself increasingly drawn to them. Randomly opening one box after another, I was transported by the wafts of stale smoke and dust that rose to greet me, like a ghost of Christmas past, to a cherished moment from my own childhood. As insignificant as that jumbled collection of mementos had seemed at first glance, I soon realized they were, each and every one of them, powerful touchstones to long forgotten memories. I decided that those memories had a right to be remembered,  and for my own sake and that of my family, they deserved to be honoured.vintage hand written recipe hanging on a wallEnter Lisa. I can’t say for sure whether Lisa actively influenced my decision to repurpose as many of these family “heirlooms” as possible, but I had no hesitation exploiting our childhood friendship once the decision was made. Probably, simple awareness of her passion and her business of making old things new again influenced me from the get go.  In any case, I was eager to see how she could help me and she, of course, was enthusiastic at the prospect of a challenging project.antique creamer in blue and whiteTaking on this project required Lisa not only to come up with a creative concept for each piece, but to blend her vision with my ideas, while still respecting the memories that each item represented for me.  In the next three posts, I will tell you about three distinct pieces that Lisa brought back to life for me, and why these particular possessions were so important.

Join us next week for the story behind the crust, old TV trays

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  1. Lisa

    Loved reading your story!! I couldn’t agree more that repurposed furniture can be so much than a new coat of paint. It is great way to remember the past, but also share your future.

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t it wonderful to know something about the furniture we work on! I just love knowing about the past 🙂 Thanks for joining us for this series Lz. Have a great week 🙂

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