The Fusion Furniture Flipping Expo

I have to admit that I am exhausted!  I just returned (literally less than an hour ago) from Toronto and being at the Fusion Furniture Flipping Expo.  Despite the weariness, I just couldn’t wait to tell you a bit about the Expo because it – was – amazing!Fusion Mineral Paint Furniture Flipping ExpoThis was the first Furniture Flipping Expo that Fusion has done and it was incredible.  There was so much information packed into two days my mind is still whirling.

There were amazing guests, hands-on projects, demos, prizes, product launches, panel discussions and oh so much more.

Even though I have been recreating furniture for a long time, write about paint and dream about painting there was still so much to learn and so much info to walk away with. Fusion Mineral Paint foldersThe Expo was filled with…


Fiona Fusion Mineral PaintLori Pringle giving demo on raised stenciling


Michael PenneyLike THE Michael Penney who talked all about staging… Brothers from Staalmeester brush companythe brothers from Staalmeester who shared their story and all about their paint brushes…Fiona, Jennylyn and Lori at Fusion Mineral Paintand of course Fiona, Jennylyn and Loree from Fusion/Homestead House.

Guru Bars

Buru Bar signs from the Furniture Flipping Expo 2017Where you could learn about Social Media, Photography, Kitchen painting and Colour Mixing.

Product Info

Fusion Mineral Paint coloursFusion Mineral PaintMiss Mustard Seed Milk PaintMiss Mustard Seed Milk Paint
and Staalmeester paint brushesStaalmeester

Furniture Makeovers

vintage dresser before being painted with Milk paintmilk paint and IOD transfer on vintage dresser

Product Playing

Some new Fusion products and IOD transfer over Fusion Mineral Paint and Chalk it UPIOD transfers.

And some ammmazing…

Prizesprizes for the Furniture Flipping Expo

I can’t begin to tell you how informative and just plain old good this Expo was.  If you have the chance to go (they are bringing them to other cities by the way!) I would highly recommend it.  You won’t be disappointed! Fusion Mineral Painted candle holderNow I need to blow out the candles ;), get some sleep and process all of the info swirling in my head.  In the next few weeks I will share some projects with a few new products that I picked up as well as be testing out some amazing new-to-me brushes!  I will be sure to share and if you ever want more info or to chat about the Expo, just drop me a line!

Nighty night.

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  1. Lisa

    Dump items are treasures. Thrift stores are great too. Elbow grease and ideas can create a very nice income by selling and saving money on purchases. Keep up the great work!

    1. Lisa

      It’s so true Vicki. You can find some amazing things at the dumps and thrift stores! Thanks for your lovely encouragement!

  2. Lisa

    You not only captured beautiful photographs of the Expo but described the events, guests and highlights to a T. Love your blog, Lisa.

    1. Lisa

      Aww thanks so much Wendy, your kind words are so sweet. It certainly was an amazing event!

    1. Lisa

      Aww thank you so much Goedele! It was such an amazing event! A little too far for you to come but it would have been wonderful to have you there 😉

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