How to Use an IOD Transfer to Completely Transform a Dresser

Last month when I was in  Toronto for the Fusion Furniture Flipping Expo I picked up some new super cool products that I have been dying to share with you.  One of my favourites so far are these IOD transfers.

I had never seen them before the Expo and instantly feel in love with how gorgeous they are.IOD image transferDespite their beauty, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about how well they would look on a piece of furniture.
Would they look like something was slapped on?
Would they adhere well?
Hmm… I decided to take the gamble and grabbed a couple.

When I got home, I went for the “go big or go home” project and applied one to this dresser… (ps. I don’t know why this dresser looks so creamy in all of the original photos… it’s not in real life at all!)dresser painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in MarzipanThe IOD transfer is exactly like those things we used to have when we were kids.  You know, the ones that you would rub with a popsicle stick and the image would peel off and stick to something magically?  applying an IOD Transferapplying an IOD transfer to a vintage dresserEach box/transfer comes with a handy-dandy applicator (although I would suggest making sure it is in there before you buy… one of mine was missing).  If yours breaks down or is missing, you can also use a credit card, popsicle stick or the wooden end of a paint brush to apply the transfer.

Once you place the transfer where you would like it, just rub away and the image will transfer onto the furniture.  the application of an IOD transfer over Miss Mustard Seed Milk PaintEven though the process was easy, the grunt work needed was quite a bit.  Be prepared for a sore arm if you are working with a large transfer.  glass knobsI have to admit that I was extremely happy with the end result.  You can not tell that it is an “appliqué” of sorts and it looks as if you painted the script on yourself.

Not to mention, if you apply it right, it is on there for good!  No scratching, flaking or peeling.  drawers painted inside and out with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Painttransforming a vintage dresser with and IOD Transfer I really, really like how beautifully the IOD transfer worked and looks.

I picked up a couple of different ones so now I can’t wait to try it on something else!

P.S. – a few tips when working with an IOD transfer… always work from the centre out, only use on light coloured paint and you can cut them apart to use just a piece

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6 Comments on " How to Use an IOD Transfer to Completely Transform a Dresser "

  1. Lisa

    Hello Lisa, did you apply entire transfer to dresser, then cut it apart between each drawer? Or did you measure transfer to exact size of each drawer, then applied design? Finished product is lovely.

    1. Lisa

      Hi Anna, thank you so much 😉 I applied the transfer whole and then sliced it in between the drawers. There was little space between them so this worked well for my dresser. I found this much easier than trying to match up several pieces. Once I cut it, I just used my finger to stick the edges down to the drawer edge. I hope that helps 😉

  2. Lisa

    I love this dresser. Could you please tell me the steps and paint you used on the night stand before the transfer was applied ?

  3. Lisa

    Great info as I was wondering if you simply enlarged a transfer or that size was the actual purchased size. Kindly share where we can purchase and cost?

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Louise! And thank you for the reminder that I forgot to include that info!! I have added links at the bottom of the post to a few that they have. You can purchase them through Amazon and they have quite a few designs. They will soon be available at select Fusion retails as well.

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