613flea: An Eclectic Mix of Old and New

I love flea markets.  The hunt for something special tucked away that everyone else seemed to miss.  The thrill of finding something that speaks to you the instant that you see it.  There is just something so special about rooting through boxes, tables and shelves looking for that thing… that thing that makes your heart smile.

Today for #simplysunday I wanted to share with you all about the 613flea.  613flea is a non-profit flea market in Ottawa that I finally got to experience yesterday for the first time and it was a pure treat for the senses.613 flea sign outside of the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Location

Not only is the flea market itself cool to visit but the building it is housed in is a treasure for the history buffs among us.

The 613flea is located in the Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne in Ottawa, Ontario and it was built 120 years ago in 1898!  This Victorian exhibition hall is a National Historic site and has been the home to everything from Stanley Cup games back at the beginning of the 1900’s to military units during the world wars to agriculture shows in the recent past.Aberdeen Pavilion OttawaThe structure of the Aberdeen Pavilion is special in and of itself.  It’s high roof is held up by steel arches that help to create a beautiful, column free interior space…. perfect for the 613flea! the 613 flea at the Aberdeen Pavilion Lansdowne in Ottawa Canada

The Goods

The 613flea truly is an eclectic mix of old and new.  It is chocked full of vintage finds from clothing to toys to farmdustrial odds and ends.  Mixed in with the old though is a nice sprinkling of the new which keeps it fresh and interesting each time they put it on.   vintage Fisher Price toys found at 613flea in Ottawa, CanadaThere are over 100 booths at each event so there is most definitely something for everyone. vintage canvas bag 613 fleaI love vintage kitchen utensils, linens and really anything blue, red and neutral so there was lots for me to see! vintage kitchen aprons found at 613 flea at Lansdowne in Ottawa, Canadavintage kitchen tools at 613 flea in Ottawa

My Favourite Finds

There was just so much to look at and through it was hard to narrow down my favourites, but here are a few… vintage grain sacks found at a flea market in Ottawa, Canada at the Aberdeen PavilionA gorgeous stack of old grain sacks.  I have long loved grain sacks and their stripes (and even put some on a chair once) so was instantly drawn to these! vintage monogramed grain sack found at a flea market in Ottawa CanadaThere were even some with monograms! These utilitarian bags are so special and I can just imagine a farmer’s wife stitching them together by the fire.  vintage hardware, hooks and knobs at Ottawa's 613 fleaI also found a booth that was just busting at the seams with reclaimed hardware, hooks, knobs and keys.  Oh it was like a feast to the eyes! I could have loaded down every bag I had on me with the treasures from this booth.  vintage jingle bells found at Ottawa's 613 flea at LansdowneI think my very favourite find of the day though were these simply jingle bells.  They seem so inconsequential but when I saw them sitting at the bottom of a pail I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

They are each about an inch wide and were likely attached to a leather strap used on a horse sleigh.  Can’t you just hear them jingling?  I just couldn’t leave without them! vintage jingle bells found at 613 flea613flea really was a treat and now that I have finally made the time to go, I will definitely be going back soon!

Do you have a favourite flea market in your area?  I would love to hear what you are drawn too when you go searching through the piles…

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