5 Ways to Make Your Urban Walks More Interesting

If you love being outdoors and at the lake as much as I do, sometimes being in the city for extended periods can be hard. You long to be outside, amongst nature.

Listening to the water and the birds and the wind rustling the leaves. There is something so grounding and calming about being in the country.

When I have to be in the city but am longing to be at the cottage, I have found ways to make my walks more enjoyable and interesting. Ways that make me feel the same as I do when I’m by the lake.

Today I wanted to share some ways that I have found to make my walks in the city more interesting in case you are stuck in the city too. I hope they will feed the nature (and upcycler) in you as much as they do for me.


Take a walk in a neighbourhood that has older houses and buildings

If you live in the city, there are bound to be beautiful neighbourhoods with incredible architecture. I love old buildings and houses and since I live in the capital of Canada, we have loads of them. I find that older neighbourhoods not only have so much character but the trees are usually gorgeous too. They are typically well established and large creating beautiful greenery to look at as well.

Montebello, Quebec

Just remember to stay in neighbourhoods where you feel safe.


Take a walk around your neighbourhood and look at the trees

When was the last time you noticed the trees in your neighbourhood? Do you ever pay attention to the different varieties, sizes and colours? I love paying attention to the trees in my neighbourhood. When the urban developer was creating my area of Ottawa they purposefully planted a different type of tree every few houses. It makes for a beautiful walk and there are at least 20 varieties within a block of my house alone.

different trees in a small space

Just remember to be respectful of where you are. Many trees may be on private property so you may have to observe them from a distance.


Take a walk on garbage night

I know this might sound a little on the crazy side, but if you love upcycling as much as I do, this one can be so much fun. There are so many great things that get thrown out that have more life in them. Many times people just don’t know what to do with something they no longer need so they throw it out or put it on the curb hoping someone will pick it up. You can find some great treasures on walks like these. I have found everything from tables to drawers to dressers.a vintage side table found on the side of the road before being recreated

Just remember that if you take something home, give it a good cleaning before upcycling or painting it.


Take a walk on a trail or by water

Every city has water and trails… it is just a matter of finding some that aren’t crowded. Look beyond the well-known spots and you will usually find some hidden gems for walking. Many trails either go around a body of water or near one so they are the perfect place to experience nature even in the heart of a city.

Bridge over path at Montebello, Quebec

Just remember again to be safe while walking on trails. Tell someone where you are going or better yet, go with a friend.


Take a walk and collect wildflowers or foliage

No matter what time of year it is, you can collect foliage and flowers on your walks. When you get home, you can use them to create art pieces or use them in your decor. Bringing the outside in always helps to create a feeling of being out in nature and with Fall coming, it is the perfect time to collect leaves.

Autumn Art with real leaves and canvas

Just remember to be careful what you collect so that you don’t take anything that is poisonous or can cause skin irritation.


I hope these have given you a few ideas on how you can feel a little more connected to nature even while you are in the city.

If you have other ideas, I would love to hear them to help make my walks in the city more interesting too.
Happy walking!

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