An Amazing 1860s Log Farm

I love history. There are certain historical periods that have always resonated with me and that is probably why I love everything old. I am forever thinking of the stories a piece or place could tell if only they could!

Yesterday I had the chance to visit an amazing log farm established in the 1860s. It was built around the time of confederation in Canada and being able to see how this beautiful place was really amazing.

The Log Farm Ottawa, Canada

I couldn’t help but marvel at the engineering it took to build these structures and how well they have held up over time.

old log house 1860

log house from 1860

The structures and designs were simple but effective and lovely.

log farm Ottawa, Canada

Everything was made from something natural or taken from nature. It was the very essence of what upcycling and bringing-the-outdoors-in is.

old wooden fence

The man-hours, craftsmanship, and durability always impress me.

old barn doors

And the best part was… it was still a working farm. Check out these cuties!

cutest little farm bunny

I laugh whenever I see the picture above. Can you see the little feet peeking out from beneath the wood? Someone found the perfect hiding spot! 
cute little ewe

horse looking over his stall wall

It was the perfect way to spend a late summer day… roaming, remembering, and appreciating.
I hope that you are enjoying these late summer days as well ♥

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