A Trip to the Best Smelling Farm Ever!

I absolutely adore Lavender! I am one of those people that could have everything Lavender scented and never grow tired of it. There is something intoxicating about the smell that just makes me so happy.

rows of Lavender in a field

Something I have always wanted to do, considering my love of Lavender, is to visit a Lavender farm. We have a few in Ontario and even though they don’t rival those in France, they are still well worth checking out. So this week my Mom and I headed about 2 hours south from the cottage to visit Prince Edward Country Lavender located near the shores of Lake Ontario.

a row of Lavender

Lavender only blooms in July in our region so we wanted to make the trip before it got any later into the month. There was still a lot left in the fields to see but they had already started to harvest some of it.

a Lavender field at Prince Edward County Lavender

The farm had quite a few varieties of Lavender over several fields in a few different colours. All of the plants were in full bloom and smelled heavenly.

Lavender plants

As we wandered the fields, I noticed that there was also a plethora of little buzzing bees! I posted a video to my Instagram Stories of the bees and you could hear them buzzing away like crazy. It was great to see so many enjoying the plants while they worked away.

a little bee on a Lavender stem

Before we left, I couldn’t resist picking up a few things to take home. Lavender goat’s milk soap, Lavender shortbread, and some dried Lavender.

Lavender soap, lavender shortbread and dried Lavender

I also grabbed one of these live Lavender plants. I have not had very much success in keeping Lavender alive in the past but I feel a little more confident this time around since they had some great hints and tips! (at least that’s what I’m telling myself LOL)

White crackly pot with Lavender

We even tried Lavender gelato.

eating Lavender gelato

Our little day trip was so worth the drive. To finally get to see and smell these beauties in such abundance was a real treat.

Lavender plants

So tell me… do you love Lavender as much as I do?

Find a fun DIY project to make your own beautiful Lavender stems from twigs and beads here…

rustic, handmade purple lavender stems


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  1. Lisa

    I have been there! Actually, we spent two nights at their B & B. It was awesome. Love PE County….the wine in particular!!!

    1. Lisa

      Isn’t it wonderful!! I saw the house there but I don’t think they run the B & B anymore sadly. It looked beautiful though. It was well worth the drive 🙂

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