Simply Sunday – The Beauty Of a Forgotten Era

I have always been fascinated with old churches. It probably helps that I love old things in general, but there is really something special about these old buildings. They are oftentimes forgotten, abandoned, or left to decay and along with them, the history of their importance.

old church Maberly Ontario

When I drive down the back roads and see these old buildings, I not only admire and appreciate them for their beautiful construction and architecture but for the energy and life that they use to hold.

old church Elphin Ontario

They remind me of where we have come from. A time that seems simpler by today’s standards but really is just a time that was different.

old church eastern Ontario

A time when these buildings were much more than just a place for worship.

They were where communities came together… in good times and bad.
Where decisions were made.
Where life and death were celebrated.
Where the news was shared.
Where common ground was found.
Where a network of support was built.
Where friendships were formed.
Where love was sparked.
Where life was done together and not alone.

Old church eastern Ontario

These old churches were so much more than a religious experience, they were the centre and hub of a community… something that we seem to be missing in our world today.

Old wood church eastern Ontario

My fascination with these old buildings is not just for their outward beauty but for the life and vibrancy they once held.

old Stone church Ontario

Maybe we can learn from their past and take a little more time this Sunday to celebrate with those around us, make meaningful connections, and remember that life is meant to be so much more than the daily grind.

Happy Sunday ♥

2 Comments on " Simply Sunday – The Beauty Of a Forgotten Era "

  1. Lisa

    Beautifully said, Lisa. I think you need to buy an old church and reno it into a house! I have seen many programs on TV where people have done that and they are awesome….if you have the $$, vision and stamina, that is!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Beverly. I have thought about it before… it has always been something that has fascinated me. There is someone in Maberly that purchased one but I haven’t seen any work done on it the past few years. I wonder what they are up to with it!

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