Turn an Old Crib Into the Perfect Place for Plants

First off I want to thank the lovely Susan for passing along this old crib. She gave it to me quite a while ago and, like most things, it has been sitting patiently waiting for its turn to be turned into a gem.

With the balcony refresh in full swing (see the progress here and here), I knew it was time to use one of the crib sides to create a place to hang some plants.

old crib railing

Unfortunately, the crib side was just a little too short for the height I wanted but it was an easy fix. Two pieces of scrap wood did just the trick to extend the legs. The extra wood was quick and easy to glue in place and then screw to the crib.

Side note… when you can’t find your clamps… duct tape works wonders LOL!

Once the extenders were secure, the entire crib side was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Chateau Grey and sealed with Tough Coat. It was the same colour and sealer used on my metal patio table here.

adding height to crib side


The Plant Containers

I wanted to keep this project inexpensive so used some old yogurt containers for the plant pots. Not only were they free, but are lighter than clay pots so don’t put too much weight on the spindles.

yogurt containers before painting

With a drill, I added a few holes to the bottom of each for drainage. Other than cleaning them with soap and water, that was the only prep they needed.

Each container was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a variety of blue shades and then sealed with Tough Coat.

holes added to yogurt containers


Attaching the Containers

I wanted a variety of pots going on so several of them I tied with thick jute twine to the crib rails and several I hung with these quick macrame jute planters.

plastic pot painted with Annie Sloan Chalk paint and sealed

flower pot hanging on an old crib rail

hanging flowers on an upcycled crib side

I love the mix of hanging and tied on containers.


Securing the Whole Thing in Place

A quick loop of twine around one of the rungs and the balcony pole secured the crib in place.

old crib side painted and used for plants

How fun is that? I have lots of room to add more plants and as they grow and fill in, they will provide some lovely privacy as well.

upcycled crib side for plants

Are you working on anything for your plants this summer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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