Make a Totally Unique Christmas Tree Out of an Old Screen Window

I recently did an episode of Hometalk TV and had so much fun with this project that I wanted to also share it with you all. This Christmas DIY was the perfect way to upcycle and repurpose an old screen window I found at the dump some time ago.

If you don’t have a screen window hanging around, you could make this from a piece of the screen and a simple wood frame – or an old door! (like this one I found at the dump reuse centre here…)

old screen window found at the dump

My window was pretty grungy looking, even after a good scrub, so I decided to paint it and brighten it up a bit. I started with a pale blue and just added it lightly around the frame. I wanted some of the white to show through so didn’t cover it completely.

painting an old screen window blue

Once the blue paint was dry, I added some dark green to give it more of a Christmasy feel. I didn’t cover it completely with the green either so that the blue and white both peaked through.

an old screen window painted green

For this project, I need lots of pretty ornaments. Luckily my sister had given me a bunch she didn’t want a few years ago that were just perfect.

I love how pretty the jewel tones look together. They look so nice even lying in the dough bowl. The dough bowl happens to be another dump find that you can see here…

a dough bowl full of ornaments

To begin creating the tree from the ornaments, I found it easiest to start at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to see how they are going to fall. You don’t have to keep moving them out of the way to add more as well.

To hang the balls, just push the hook through the screen and then fold the end over to hold it in place.

hanging ornaments on a screen window

Adding the ornaments does take a bit of time but it was fun to arrange them.

adding colourful ornaments to an old screen window

I just kept adding different colours working my way in and up the screen.

adding different sized ornaments to a screen window

It was helpful to have ornaments in different sizes to help fill in the gaps.

colourful ornaments hanging on an old screen window

When I reached the top, I folded the hook over behind the screen so that it wasn’t visible.

colourful ornaments hanging on a vintage screen window

I couldn’t be happier with how pretty the ornaments look on the old screen window. This piece looks beautiful on a shelf or hanging on a wall. I think I am going to attempt an even bigger version next year with the gorgeous vintage screen door I found this summer at the dump!

a vintage screen window filled with ornaments in the shape of a Christmas tree

Happy holidays and have fun decorating… I bet you have lots of things at home that can be turned into something new as well!

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