From Vintage Serving Tray to Serving up Reminders

This is a quick little project that recreates an old, vintage serving tray, that your Grandmother may have laying around, into a a beautiful and useful memo board.

I found this cute vintage serving tray when I was cleaning out a cupboard at our cottage and fell in love with the vibrant colours.  With the tray being made out of metal, it was easy to recreate it into something that I could use everyday while admiring the beautiful flowers and colourful bird.

For this incredibly easy project, all that I needed to do to hang this tray on a wall, was to glue a narrow picture hanger onto the upper, back of the tray.  The only other thing needed to recreate this serving tray into an useful magnetic note board was some cute magnets that matched the board.  I chose 2 different glass magnet designs; some adorable ladybugs and some pastel flowers.

Enjoy this quick recreated design project and make something useful out of something that may have been heading to the trash!

BeforeAfterWhat have you transformed into something else?  I love when vintage pieces can find a new life as something new!


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