Dry Brushing with Paint

Was: Simple pine shelf
Recreated Into: A painted and aged shelf

This shelf held a special place in my heart as it was for an auction to raise money for a very dear friend of mine.  I wanted to do something beautiful and special with this piece because it was for such an important cause and I decided dry brushing with paint would give it the perfect look.

I decided to give this piece some depth by layering the paint.  I love the combination of pink and brown and envisioned this shelf eventually ending up in a little girl’s room. 🙂 To begin with, I painted the shelf with a pink latex paint.  Once the paint was completely dry, I dry brushed on a coat of brown latex to achieve that perfect look of brown with pink peeking through in all of the right spots.

Dry brushing takes a bit of time but, in my opinion, makes a wonderful finish when you want to use two colours.  To dry brush a piece, you use very, very little paint on your brush and lightly brush over the entire piece.  To finish off the paint process, I added some distressing to give the piece an aged feel.

Once the paint layers were completely dry, I used an all natural bees wax to seal and coat the shelf.  The bees wax polish provides a very durable finish and soft feel to the wood.

I am so happy that I was able to do something that I love while contributing to a wonderful cause and help out a dear friend in the process.


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