Vintage Finds Galore

I recently had the opportunity to pick up a whole, whole bunch of vintage things from a store that was closing in Ottawa. The man had owned the shop for 25 years but had become ill and his items needed to be liquidated quickly.  vintage-rulers-wood-recreateddesignsI have to say that it was one of the most fun “picks” I have ever done.

I could have spent hours and hours combing through his “shop” but we only had one day.

I say “shop” loosely as it was a collection of rooms stuffed. to. the. brim.  This man had been collecting things for a quarter of a century and there were things in there that hadn’t seen the light of day in a very, very long time.  old tin scoop and oil canThe shop was filled with anything and everything and it was piled anywhere and everywhere.

Places like this excite me.  I couldn’t stop thinking about where each piece I picked up had been and who had touched it over its life.

If only things could tell stories!

Here are just a few of my favourites from that day…old Five Rose flour sacksBeautiful, soft Five Roses flour bags.  They actually have an offer on them to send in for a Cookbook for $1.75.

70 year old apple crate from Ontarioold apple crate from 1947A 70 year old apple crate from Trenton, Ontario.  Look at those beautiful graphics!

old tin black and gold cashboxA cool tin cash box.

compartments of an old tin cashboxLook at all of those compartments! I can’t wait to take it to my next sale 😉

glass flower frog in a silver cupA lovely glass flower frog in a silver cup.  I can’t wait to get some early spring blooms to use in it.

old tin jelly moldsCool old jelly tins.

vintage bud vasesPretty, delicate bud vases.

old silversilverplated spoons, shakers and jugsOld German Alpacca spoons and other silver plate pieces.

vintage silver coffee potA coffee urn that still had its original top and spout stopper.

Japanese Ironstone Soup TureenA gorgeous Ironstone Soup Tureen from Japan.  I think this was my favourite find of the day.

beautiful, white ironstone soup tureen from JapanJust look at those lines…

beautiful crazing on old Japanese IronstoneAnd that crazing ♥

Joseph Rodger and Sons Cutlers to Her Majesty Queen Victoria dinner knivesSet of very old dinner knivesThis set of knives was the most unexpected find.  I threw them in because I loved the look of them but when I got them home and out of the dirty bag I noticed this…

Knife blade from very old English knife Joseph Rodgers and Sons Cutlers to Her MajestyThese knives say “Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers to Her Majesty!”  Turns out, after a little research, that they were made during the Victorian Era by famous English cutlers; some of the best ever.  To think these knives are over 120 years old and are still in amazing shape and are sharp.  They are truly a piece of art.

very old framed Sampler Annie Lilian Tweddle 1903This very old Sampler was something I almost missed but my Mom pointed it out and encouraged me to grab it.  I am so glad she did.

Very old sampler made by a childIt came in a frame and I originally thought it had been glued to a piece of foam board but once I got it apart I discovered it was only pinned on.  Phew!

Sampler from 1903Look at those beautiful colours…

I did a little research on this too, since the little girl added her name to it, and it somehow made its way all from England to Canada.  This is one of those pieces I sooo wish could tell it’s story.

small Art Deco bookshelfdetailing on Art Deco bookcaseAn amazing Art Deco bookcase.  I love its small size.  I have never seen one quite this shape or size before. It was a piece that I had to literally dig out of a huge pile but it was so worth it!

old antique buffet in bad shapeAnd this beautiful, beautiful buffet!  This beauty is going to be recreated and go into my Living Room.  It was a bear to get up all of my stairs but it is incredible.  With its one huge drawer, large storage space and shelf and these amazing tin handles, how could I leave it there??

tin handles on old buffetAll in all it was an incredible day filled with amazing finds… I could do this all day everyday 😉

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  1. Lisa

    Please,please tell me how you are going to use that needle work piece. I also found a similar work almost identical! I consider it a work of art to be treasured. How can I preserve and use this piece?

    1. Lisa

      I couldn’t agree more Marybeth! I look at it like a piece of art as well. I actually researched the history of the piece and was able to trace it back to a person in England who lived in the area around where Downton Abbey took place. I who love to know how it made it’s way to Canada! The piece I have was quite dirty so soaking it in a little mild soap cleaned it up a bit. I am going to make a reclaimed wood frame for mine (which I just haven’t gotten to yet) so that I can hang it and preserve it without altering it in any way. You would also purchase a frame and gently lay it in without attaching it so as to not ruin the cloth. Like art, try and keep it out of direct sunlight too so that the colours don’t fade. I would love to see a picture of your piece! They are such an incredible find <3

  2. Lisa

    Oh wow!! What a great hual! I could do that every day also, lol.

    1. Lisa

      😉 LOL me too! That would be heavenly to me 😉

  3. Lisa

    What wonderful finds! That sideboard!!!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I am pretty sure it is going into my Living Room 😉 I just love everything about it!

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