How to Easily Make a Gorgeous Book Page Flower

Last Friday when I did my latest Facebook Live for Hometalk I switched the location in which I filmed it.  For this last demo, (making a Spring wreath out of a Thrift store frame) I shot the Live in front of a wall that had two pieces of reclaimed wood and a book page flower on it.  Many of you noticed the book page flower behind me and sent requests for directions on how to make it.

The book page flower is one of my favourite decor pieces in my home and I am happy to give you the directions on how to make your own.  I find the flower striking against the reclaimed wood and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Here is how you can make your own book page flower…  a cardboard boxGrab a cardboard box.  You will need this to make the backing to build the flower on.  using a bowl to trace out a large circle on a cardboard boxDraw a large circle on one side.  I used a large Tupperware bowl so I would get a nice even circle.a circle drawn on a piece of cardboardCut out the circle. a circle cut out of a cardboard boxI didn’t paint the circle for my flower because it is very full however, if you are worried about seeing the back, you can paint it an off-white colour to match the book pages.

old booksPick up an old book at a thrift store or use an old favourite. slicing pages out of an old bookUsing a knife blade, slice along the edge of the pages to remove them from the book.  old book pages sliced out of a bookDepending on how full you want your flower, you will need 30 – 50 pages.  slicing the bottoms off of old book pagesSlice the bottoms off. You don’t want squares but if the pages are too long, you won’t get a nice cone.  rolling an old book page into a coneRoll each page into a loose cone.  rolling old book pages and closing them with hot glueAdd a dab of hot glue to hold the cone closed. several cones out of old book pages ready to make into a paper flowerMaking a bunch of cones at once, before you begin the flower, will make it easier.gluing down paper cones onto a cardboard circleMake your flower in layers.  Add a dab of hot glue to one end and attach the cone to the cardboard.  Fill in the spaces with each new layer.  crinkling up an old book page cut into a square to make the centre of a paper flowerWhen you get to your last layer, crinkle up a page and glue it onto the centre to finish off the flower.  attching a centre to a paper flower made from book pagesAttach a piece of string to the back of the cardboard with some hot glue.  Now you are ready to hang your new book page Chrysanthemum.  a paper Chrysanthemum make out of old book pages hanging on two pieces of reclaimed woodI hung mine over two pieces of reclaimed wood and I love how the colour of the old book pages looks against the wood.   You can see a larger picture of it in my Holiday House Tour from this past Christmas here…

I would love to see pictures of where you hang yours!  Upload them to the Recreated Designs Facebook page.

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16 Comments on " How to Easily Make a Gorgeous Book Page Flower "

    1. Lisa

      Hi Cindy, Thanks 😉 Yes, I do usually roll them a little tighter as they start to get closer and closer to the centre.

  1. Lisa

    What was the diameter of the circle you used?

    1. Lisa

      Hi Rosalie. The one I used in the photo was 10″ wide or so.

  2. Lisa

    Such a beautiful design and I love the idea of my favourite old book being recreated, but still being part of my world. Thank you!

    1. Lisa

      😉 Thank you so much Petra! That was my favourite thing when I made it as well… I could use a book that I loved and still keep it in some form in my house.

  3. Lisa

    This is so unusual, and pretty! one the layers following the first, largest glue to the backing, or to each other, or both?

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Ella! They do follow the same way as the first. The end of each cone gets glued to the cardboard circle. As it fills in, they will begin to turn upwards filling in the flower as you add layers. Hope that helps!

  4. Lisa

    Beautiful idea and perfect outcome! I love how you attached it to reclaimed wood turning it to nice vintage style décor piece. Visiting from Home Talk

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Sarune! I love how to flower pops against the wood too… it is definitely one of my favourite things <3

  5. Lisa

    This is lovely Lisa. Several years ago, I created a similar wreath out of vintage sheet music. I’ve really enjoyed it and I love the way you have yours displayed. Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm. Pinned!

    1. Lisa

      Oh that would be beautiful as well Cecilia! I love the look of old sheet music too <3 Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for sharing.

  6. Lisa

    Beautiful flower! Love it teamed up with those old wood slats!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Heidi!

  7. Lisa

    Super pretty wreath, especially on those pieces of wood. No wonder folks were asking you how to make it! Visiting from Funtastic Friday party.

    1. Lisa

      🙂 Thanks so much! It is one of my favourite pieces in my home <3

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