What to do When You Don’t Like the Colour of Your Shoes?

I have been taking a bit of time off for the past couple of weeks and it has been a wonderful little break.  I am, however, so excited to get back to posting and sharing what I have been up to and working on.

First up on the list is a little project that involved this pair of shoes that I was gifted after they didn’t fit someone else.

They were brand new, Nine West leather sneakers.  Lovely shoes, BUT, they were gold!  I am sure some people would love gold sneakers but me…

Not. My. Style. At. All.

I can appreciate their style though and let me tell you, they are comfy!! Since gold sneakers are not now, or probably ever will be, something I would wear, I decided to paint them.

Painting shoes is the perfect way to keep a pair of shoes you love but change them up.

I have painted other leather shoes before so knew how well it works.
You can see that pair here… Before I completely changed the colour of the shoes, I gave them a coat of white paint.  With the soles being white, I wanted to cover up any area where the gold and white met.  I didn’t want the gold showing through once they were painted.

For this pair, I used [easyazon_link identifier=”B00O2JNZ98″ locale=”US” tag=”recredesig20-20″]Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement[/easyazon_link] (white) and then [easyazon_link identifier=”B00O2JNZ8O” locale=”US” tag=”recredesig20-20″]Fort York Red[/easyazon_link] mixed with a little [easyazon_link identifier=”B00O2JNZ2U” locale=”US” tag=”recredesig20-20″]Ash[/easyazon_link] (grey).

Once the white was dry, they got two coats of the red and that was all that was needed to completely change the look of the shoes!

How cool is that?  The gold is gone and now they are the perfect colour for a weekend at the cottage in the Fall.

And while I finish up my vacation at the cottage this week, they are now perfect for walking my furry bff, hunting up treasures at the dump stores and hanging out by the water.  What do you think… would you ever paint your shoes?

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2 Comments on " What to do When You Don’t Like the Colour of Your Shoes? "

  1. Lisa

    The shoes look great red! I heard the Bee Gees singing Stayin Alive and saw John Travolta dancing when they were gold lol!

    1. Lisa

      🙂 That made me smile! They certainly weren’t my style when they were gold LOL but definitely would have fit right in back then!

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