Using the Whimsical Dala Muses Stencils on Vintage Benches

Over the holidays the lovely Goedele from Dala Muses sent me some of her Scandinavian inspired stencils and I was immediately in love ❤️

I am always drawn to anything Scandinavian inspired (maybe since my dad was born in Sweden) and I’m a sucker for anything with a bird so these couldn’t have been any more perfect in my world!Dala Muses bird and tile stencils I had a project in mind for the stencils when they arrived but wanted a little colour inspiration so pulled out my copy Swedish Interiors to see what caught my eye.

The Inspiration

As I flipped through the book I kept coming back to this gorgeous cabinet and its beautiful colours.  Swedish Interiors book used for inspirationIf you look closely at the cabinet, you can see that it has several shades of blue in the pattern with yellow highlights.  inspiration from Swedish cabinetHow pretty are those colours?

The Vintage Benches

Onto the benches… I have had these two vintage benches for almost two years and they were in desperate need of a makeover.  I found them back on this vintage finds hunt.vintage benches ready for painting

The yellow one was so icky it even had a cat and mice painted on top… no thanks!  Definitely, definitely time for a makeover for these two. vintage bench painted with a cat and miceTo start, they both got two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Limestone.  Then it was onto the stencils!

As I wanted to use several different colours with both stencils, I did each colour separately, let it dry, and then layered on the next colour.  For both pieces, I started with the Midnight Blue.

The Floral Tile Stencil

 When placing my tiles, I left a little space between each one. I liked how that made the tiles look natural – as if they might have grout between them.  If you prefer though, the tile stencil can be put directly next to the ones around it and it would create a perfect little flower.layering Fusion Mineral Paint with stencils

 I layered on the yellow next and started with Butter Cream.  Since the Butter Cream was a little pale, I used a brush, after it was dry, to highlight the flowers with a touch of Prairie Sunset.laying Fusion Mineral Paint while stencilling I finished the long bench with some Little Whale lines and added a dot of it in the middle of the navy flowers to break up the white spaces.Dala Muses flower tile stencil on a vintage bench

The Scandi Bird Stencil

For the smaller bench, I used the bird stencil for the middle and the tile stencil for the corners.  The same process was used to layer the colours as with the tile stencil. layering Dala Muses bird stencilTo create a full image in the centre, I angled the stencil slightly to the right for one side and then flipped it over and angled it slightly to the left for the other side.  Flipping the stencil and using it again gave me two birds facing each other and filled the benchtop nicely. Dala Muses Scandinavian inspired bird stencilAren’t these the prettiest stencils?  I am completely in love with my Scandinavian inspired benches 💛  They don’t even look like the same benches thanks to the Dala Muses stencils! vintage benches painted with Fusion Mineral Paint and Dala Muses stencils

vintage benches recreated with Dala Muses stencilsCurrently, the Dala Muses stencils are not available in North America but I am hoping they will be very soon!!  (*fingers crossed*)  Oh, and if you have not checked out the Dala Muses blog yet, I would highly recommend it.  It is one of my very favourites.

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Create Scandinavian inspired benches using Dala Muses stencils

6 Comments on " Using the Whimsical Dala Muses Stencils on Vintage Benches "

  1. Lisa

    Love the benches. We are kindred spirits!

    1. Lisa

      💙Thanks so much Jeanne!

  2. Lisa

    very cute. I have a number of old benches I might try this on. It’s funny, stenciling was really a big thing many years ago and now it’s coming back. Who knew?

    1. Lisa

      I totally agree, it is really been making a comeback 🙂 It is funny that everything old seems to become new again. Have fun with your benches!

  3. Lisa

    Hi Lisa,

    These are beautiful. I love the Scandinavian style. Hope you’ll have some of these at the “stencils” workshop. Have a great weekend. See you soon.


    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Sergine! I can definitely bring these to the stencils to the workshop. They are really beautiful ones! See you soon 🙂

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