Make Pretty Valentine’s Day Decor Out of Tinfoil

These days with stores closed and lockdown in full swing I am all about using what you have at home to make your space pretty. Even if you are not in lockdown, using what you have on hand is a great budget-friendly way to save some hard-earned cash on your decor.

I don’t usually go over the top decorating for Valentine’s Day… especially since I just finished putting my Christmas decor away!!… but I do like to have a few touches of pink and red around. They definitely help to brighten things up and are a nice break from the winter blues.

Making the Tinfoil Hearts

This past weekend I decided to make a new garland so I grabbed the tinfoil. Yes, tinfoil. Plain, everyday, aluminum foil. I also dug out some vintage pink string I found at the Dump Reuse centre a few years ago. It is the prettiest muted pink colour and was perfect for this project.

tinfoil and vintage string

This garland was super easy to make. You can make your hearts any size that works for your space. How many you make will depend on how long you want your garland to be. My hearts were about the size of the palm of your hand and I made eight.

Cut as many strips of tinfoil as the number of hearts you want to make. For hearts around the size of mine, the strips should be three to four inches wide.

tin foil strips cut up

Cut loops of string about six inches long. You will need one piece of string for each heart. Fold over the edge of the tinfoil and with the string folded into a loop, tape it in the middle.

attaching string to tinfoil

Work your tinfoil, folding it towards the back, until you create a heart shape. The sting should come up through the middle of the heart.

tinfoil hearts

Painting the Tinfoil Hearts

To give the hearts a delicate, pretty finish, I used a very pale pink paint to cover the hearts. When you paint your hearts, make sure to get it into all of the little crevices and cracks.

Immediately after painting, use a damp paper towel to lightly wipe off a little paint from the high spots. This will allow some of the silver to peek through and give your hearts a worn, vintage look.

painting aluminum foil hearts

Putting the Garland Together

When the paint is dry, cut a long length of string and tie it to each heart. I preferred my hearts not to touch each other so laid the garland down when figuring out where to tie each one.

tinfoil hearts painted pink

little glass ladybugs

How pretty is that?
I love how easy this garland was to make and how lovely it looks shimmering in the sunshine!
Best of all… it didn’t cost a thing.

tinfoil heart garland for Valentine's day

I would encourage you to look around your house as well and see what you can make with what you already have!

tinfoil heart garland

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day 💗


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Valentine's Day garland made from tinfoil


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