Create a Quick and Cheery No-Sew Spring Pillow Out of Fabric Scraps

A little over a week ago I had to say goodbye to my sweet fur boy of 16 years. Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is never easy and something I wish we never had to do.

Getting used to life without him is going to take some time so I thought I would make something cheery and bright to keep my hands (and mind!) busy.

The Pillow Cover

This no-sew pillow can be made without needing any sewing skills or a machine. It’s a perfect way to use up some old fabric scraps (or even some vintage fabric) and turn them into something new.

I had this pillow cover from an old set that I never used but you can pick them up for only a few dollars at IKEA or on Amazon if you don’t have one at home.

pink fabric scraps and a pillow cover

The Pattern

With spring finally here, I thought it would be fun to add some bunnies to the pillow. Here is the pattern I used. You can adjust it when you print it to fit the size of pillow cover you are using.

bunny pattern on paper

With my pillow cover being rectangular, three bunnies fit well along its length.

fabric scraps and a bunny

I traced the pattern onto the back of each piece of fabric and then cut them out.

rabit traced on fabric

For my bunnies, I chose two similar fabrics that were the same colour but had different patterns. You can mix and match them however you like depending on what fabric you have on hand. This is a great time to have some fun and test out different patterns.

bunny cutouts laying on a pillow cover

Dying the Pillow Cover

I love to dye fabric with paint and wanted to do it again for this cover. I didn’t want anything bright but just a subtle hint of colour that would give the pillow a worn and aged feel to it. (see other dyed fabric here and here…)

To dye fabric with milk paint, start by adding warm water to a large container. Mix in the powdered paint generally at a ratio of 3 parts water to one part paint. You may want more paint though if you are looking for more of a vibrant colour. Stir the powder until it dissolves and then soak your fabric until you get the colour you want. Leave the fabric to dry and iron if needed.

soaking fabric in milk paint

For this pillow cover, I used Millenial Pink by Fusion. It gave the cover a soft hint of pink that looks lovely and beautiful.

pillow cover dyed pale pink with milk paint

Adding the Bunnies

To add the bunnies to the pillow cover, I didn’t need to do any sewing. I grabbed my iron and some fusing tape and used it to stick them on.

Fusing tape is incredibly easy to use and rips apart so you can use only as much as you need. Place it between the fabric and the pillow cover and then iron it for a few seconds until it melts. Once the fusing tape melts the two fabrics will be stuck together and will not come apart.

fusing tape and bunnies

How cute are these little guys?

pink spring bunny pillow

This no-sew spring pillow was quick to make and I love that they add a pop of colour to my sweet boy’s favourite chair.

bunny pillow sitting on a chair

If you are looking for a fun project to add a touch of spring too, grab a pillow cover and some fabric scraps. The possibilities to create something unique with this DIY project are endless.

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6 Comments on " Create a Quick and Cheery No-Sew Spring Pillow Out of Fabric Scraps "

  1. Lisa

    So sorry on the loss of your pet. We had to say good-bye to our beautiful yellow Lab about 5 years ago and not a day goes by that I do not think of him. We would love to have another dog but will have to wait until we get our travel desires out of the way…. That pillow is very, very cute. I’m inspired to give it a whirl! Happy Easter!

    1. Lisa

      I can totally relate Beverly. I am sure not a day will go by that I don’t think of him too. I have made myself promise the same thing… I want to do some traveling so I have decided there will be no more pets for the time being even though I love having one <3

  2. Lisa

    Hi Lisa…I just wanted to say how very sorry I was to hear of the passing of your darling fur boy! I know how hard it is. Take your own time to grieve, you are in my thoughts. Thank you for a wonderful blog. Love Marianne

    1. Lisa

      Thank you so much Marianne! It is definitely hard losing him after so long <3

  3. Lisa

    Very cute pillow. So sorry to hear of the lose of your dog. 😢

    1. Lisa

      Thank you so much Nancy <3

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