Make a Beautiful Memory Board in a Few Easy Steps

Who doesn’t need a memory board or two in their house?

I have one that I got a few years ago in my work area that I use as a dream board.   I wanted another one though to use for personal pictures and letters that are special.

Here’s how you can make your own pretty memory board…large thrift store oak frameStart with a large salvaged or reclaimed frame.

I got this large oak one at a thrift store for $8.  taking apart a thrift store frameTake the frame apart and keep all of the pieces.  thrift store frame painted with Country Chic Paint in Ocean BreezePaint the frame.

My frame got two coats of Country Chic Paint in Ocean Breeze.  I.  Love.  This.  Colour!  It is the perfect, summery, gorgeous blue!

After the paint was dry, I lightly distressed the edges and then gave the entire frame a coat of Hemp Oil to protect it.
cutting a piece of burlap to make the back of a memory boardTo make the backing of the board, cut a [easyazon_link identifier=”B009K4MTII” locale=”US” tag=”recredesig20-20″]piece of burlap[/easyazon_link] slightly bigger than the glass.

Don’t forget to iron out all of the wrinkles 😉
using spray adhesive to adhere burlap to glassUsing [easyazon_link identifier=”B001689P10″ locale=”US” tag=”recredesig20-20″]spray adhesive[/easyazon_link], coat one side of the burlap and one side of the glass from the frame.  adhering burlap to glass to make the backdrop for a memory boardWait for one minute and then begin rolling the burlap out over the glass.  Make sure the sticky sides are touching. burlap glued to a piece of glass from a salvaged frameOnce the burlap is in place, turn it burlap side down and leave it to dry for a couple of hours.  Place something heavy on top of the glass to weigh it down while drying.  trimming off excess burlapTrim off the excess burlap.
burlap glued to a piece of frame glassWhen you are done, the burlap should be firmly glued in place and exactly the size of the glass from the frame.  attaching burlap twine to hang pictures on Attach three pieces of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00WHXQIJA” locale=”US” tag=”recredesig20-20″]Jute twine[/easyazon_link] around the glass and burlap.  These will be to hang your pictures and letters on. To keep them in place while you are assembling the board, tape the ends to the glass.
using a fitting tool to add clasps to the back of a frame to hold everything in placePut the glass back into the frame with the burlap side out.

When taking apart my frame, I had to remove the staples they had holding it all together.  To get the new memory board to stay in place, I used a [easyazon_link identifier=”B0009ILFBG” locale=”US” tag=”recredesig20-20″]picture framing fitting tool[/easyazon_link] to add metal brads.
adding hanger to back of painted thrift store frameIf your frame does not have a way to hang it, add a picture hanger to the top on the back.
small clothes pins added to twine on memory board

stack of old letters sitting next to a memory boardTo finish off the memory board, add small, wooden clothes pins to use for hanging pictures and mementos.  vintage flowers from a card hanging on a memory boardthrift store oak frame painted and turned into a Farmhouse style memory boardI am not only completely in love with the blue paint in and of itself, but, combined with the burlap, my heart skips a beat ♥gorgeous blue memory board with burlap and clothes pins for hanging letters and pictures on

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turn a thrift store frame into a beautiful Shabby chic Memory Board

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  1. Lisa

    You amaze me. You have the best ideas!! I LOVE the memory board and the color. ANOTHER wonderful project. Please, keep ’em coming.

    1. Lisa

      Aww thanks so much Rebecca. That is so sweet! And I’m so glad you like the memory board – I have been using that blue a lot this Spring… I am completely in love with it 🙂

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