Looking Beyond the Obvious

Last weekend I had the chance to get away for a couple of days and headed down to the United States.  We only made it as far as upper state New York but it was a fun couple of days and a much-needed little break.

One of our stops was at Target.  Sadly, we only had Target in Canada for about 10 minutes and then it left so whenever I am in the US I love checking it out.

I found some great things that I can’t get in Canada and can’t wait to use them in my holiday decor.  One of my favourite finds I wanted to share with you now though.

chipped cupcake stands from Target

I found these little ceramic cupcake stands for only $1!  There were only 3 left and each one had a pretty noticeable chip in it.  Despite their broken appearance though, I was drawn to their cute size and pretty scalloped edges. 

I have learned, over time, to try and look beyond the obvious and think of the possibilities.  It has pretty much become habit for me now and I’m so thankful.  I could have left the little ceramic cupcake stands and saved my $3 but I knew they could be pretty again.  

little cupcake stands from target painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Bayberry

 When I got home, each one got two coats of Fusion Mineral paint in Bayberry. It is really easy to paint ceramic and these little beauties took it perfectly.  With them painted, you can’t even tell that they were chipped to begin with.

little Target cupcake stand painted for a candle

How adorable are they?  And, if I decide to use them some other season, I can easily paint them again.

cupcake stands painted green with pumpkins

They turned out to be the perfect size for some little pumpkins and with the green paint looked rustic.

Cupcake stands painted in Bayberry create a rustic table scape

I am so glad that I have learned to look beyond the obvious colour, size and/or brokenness of things and instead see their potential.  It wasn’t always easy, but it was a habit I’m glad I learned.

Fall table using cupcake stands for pumpkins and a candle

2 Comments on " Looking Beyond the Obvious "

  1. Lisa

    I hear you re: Target in Canada. I loved it while it was here, albeit so short. I used to live in Oklahoma and I was a regular customer at Target….or “Chez Target”, as a friend called it! Your find at Target is lovely, love the colour and the possibilities for using it in different seasons. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks so much Beverly! I so wish Target had lasted longer here! When I lived in Ohio I lived about a 3 minute walk from one and I looove it 😉 There is certainly nothing like Target here!

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