Helpful Tips for Using Free Wildflowers and Evergreens

There is something so lovely about bringing the outdoors in. Fresh flowers and greenery provide a sense of being out in nature even when we can’t be. They give us a feeling of calm and fill our hearts and eyes with natural beauty that does the soul good.evergreens

Bringing natural elements into your space doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on fresh-cut flowers every week. Using what we have around us outside not only provides the natural element we crave but they’re also free!

Wild Queen Anne's Lace

Here are some of my best tips on bringing the outdoors in… in the form of wildflowers and evergreens. I might add that the same tips apply to foliage and tree branches as well.


1. Know your wildflowers. Depending on where you live, there will be wildflowers that are unique to your geographical location and some that can be harmful. When you’re heading out to find wildflowers for your space, make sure to bring along your phone or a guide book so that you can make sure what you are collecting is safe.

Queen Anne's Lace

2. Pick wildflowers that “match” your decor. For my faux Ironstone, I chose Queen Anne’s Lace as it had the same delicate and romantic feel as the Ironstone. if you are using more rustic or chunkier pieces to hold the wildflowers, choose a larger, heartier variety like sunflowers.

Queen Anne's Lace in Faux Ironstone

3. Go out often. Wildflowers can have a short lifespan so go out every few weeks and you will always have an abundance of something new.

4. Try bunching stems several ways to see which you like better. Bunch stems of the same flower together for a beautiful, classic look or mix up the varieties for a more wild, carefree look.


1. Evergreens aren’t just for Christmas so don’t overlook them the rest of the year.

cut evergreen branches

2. Take into consideration what your cuttings will be displayed in. If it is tall, make sure to get cuttings that are long so that they are proportional. Similarly, if they will be displayed in something shorter, make sure the cuttings are finer and smaller.

vintage coffee pot

3. Mix up your evergreens. There are so many different varieties and each one looks unique. You can create a beautiful “bouquet” of evergreens the same way you would with flowers.

variety of evergreen in vintage tin pot


General tips

1. When you trim the stalks, make sure to cut the ends at an angle; this will allow for water absorption and make them last longer.

cutting evergreens at an angle

2. Trim off any needles, branches, or leaves that will sit below the waterline. If they sit in the water, they will get moldy quickly as well as be a hindrance when you are arranging them.

trimming evergreen branches

3. Make sure there is nothing crawling or living on your wildflowers and evergreens before bringing them indoors. Give them a light shake or spritz them with water so that anything living is removed.

4. Pair your wildflowers and evergreens with vintage finds and create a beautifully unique look. Try using vintage jugs, coffee pots, pitchers, jars or buckets.

evergreens in vintage tin pots

One of the best things I have learned (and loved to do) is to“shop” outside and see what I can find for free. There is a world of beautiful things just waiting to be brought in and used to make our spaces pretty.

yellow plums with a vintage tea pot an cut evergreens

evergreens in a vintage coffee pot

4 Comments on " Helpful Tips for Using Free Wildflowers and Evergreens "

  1. Lisa

    Can you tell me how to preserve Magnolia Leaves?

    1. Lisa

      Hi Carol, Unfortunately, Magnolia trees won’t stand up to the winters we get here in Ottawa so they are not very common. I did find these directions though on how to do it… I hope they help! I wish we did have them here!! I would love to preserve the leaves and use them too <3

      1. Lisa

        Thanks so much Lisa. I will use this info often. I have two large Magnolias in my yard in Mississippi. And of course, the Magnolia is the State Flower of Mississippi so, they are everywhere down here. God Bless!

        1. Lisa

          I am so glad they will help 🙂 Your Magnolias sound beautiful and being able to preserve their leaves will be wonderful. You will be able to use them in so many ways!! – I so wish they could withstand gowth up here.

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