What I Found at the Dump This Week – Take It or Leave It Edition

I finally had a chance this past week to visit one of the local dumps near our family cottage. I haven’t been all winter so it was great to check it out again. If you have never heard about the incredibly dumps around me, check out what they are here…

I thought it would be fun this week to play a little game of Take It or Leave It my free dump finds. Let me know if you would have taken it or if you would have left it where it was. I am really curious to see what you would have grabbed or left.

Here is what I found this week…

Wood Caddy

You can never go wrong with anything wood, in my humble opinion. It can always be enjoyed as is or painted for a fresh look. I have no idea what its original purpose was but someone has handmade it. It looks like maybe some sort of dowel used to be slipped into each side.

Vintage Christmas Candle Ring

 I am a bit of a sucker for anything vintage Christmas. Even though these types of pieces were plastic, they instantly remind me of Christmas when I was young. I love it. It could be used in so many ways from adding a pretty ribbon so it could be hung like a wreath to popping it over a doorknob.

Antique Needlepoint

This one needs some slight fixing (the needlepoint has popped out of the matte) but I couldn’t leave her behind. Old needlepoint like this always makes me appreciate the time and effort someone put into creating the piece. It also reminds me that people have been creating beautiful art since the beginning of time. Creativity has never gone out of style.

New Old Wallpaper

This one is a little different I admit buuut there are so many great uses for beautiful vintage wallpaper. I have used it to craft before (see here and here) and I love it for lining drawers. When a vintage piece of furniture gets a makeover, it seems fitting to add something as old to the drawers to make them pretty as well.

Rusty Metal Cabinet

I can see some of you squeaming already with this one. Yes, it was dirty and grungy and a little gross but it was also functional, light, and pretty. I admit that not everyone would grab this one but I just couldn’t resist.

When I grabbed this one you couldn’t even see into the mirror it was so grimy and dirty. There were just too many lovely details for me to leave it behind though.

It is hard to see in the pictures but the cabinet is actually the palest of pretty blues. You can see it a little more inside when you open the mirror but it is still really faint.

And I was smitten with the little scallops on the shelves. How sweet are they?

On a side note, make sure you are following on Instagram or Facebook. I will reveal this week what it looks like after it got a good cleaning… you won’t believe how much better it looks!!

A Very Large, Very Beautiful Window

This last one wasn’t found at the dump but I couldn’t leave it out of the list. My lovely friend Louise was looking for a new home for this gorgeous window this week and I was the lucky new owner ♥ I don’t know what I’ll do with it yet but even tipped against a wall it is beautiful so for now that is where it will stay.

So… I am really, really curious to know which of these you would have grabbed from the dump this week or which ones you would have left behind! It was all free and if I decided I no longer want anything, I will just donate it to the dump reuse centre and let someone else enjoy it. Let me know below what you would have taken or left…

10 Comments on " What I Found at the Dump This Week – Take It or Leave It Edition "

  1. Lisa

    I would have taken every single thing. Love it all.

    1. Lisa

      LOL me too! 😉

  2. Lisa

    Everything but the needlepoint!

    1. Lisa

      😉 Great choices Bev!

  3. Lisa

    Hi Lisa, definitely would have scooped up the caddy and metal medicine cabinet. They are fantastic finds.
    I absolutely love the window the best, a real treasure that one is.
    Goods pickings! Marg

    1. Lisa

      Thanks Marg. I am absolutely in love with the window too! There are so many things I can do with it… although I am still just loving looking at it leaning against the wall:)

  4. Lisa

    I would have grabbed everything except the candle ring. I couldn’t imagine anything other than spray paint for it.

    1. Lisa

      LOL I totally get that; it definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It would look great spray-painted for sure.

  5. Lisa

    I would have taken the bird/floral wallpaper and left the blue behind. I probably wouldn’t have taken the cabinet, but now as I look at it, it does have allot of possibilities!

    1. Lisa

      I agree about the wallpaper… I loved the floral one and wasn’t sure about the blue but I figured if I don’t need it for anything I can donate it back. I thought it might work in some drawers though. We’ll see about that one lol. I am excited about the cabinet… it has cleaned up beautifully and I am just completely in love with the little scallops on the shelf edges.

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