The Art of Being Thankful

Being thankful really is a bit of an art form. Just like learning a new creative skill, sometimes it takes work to be thankful. There are times when it comes easily and times when it’s the last thing we are thinking about.

old garage falling down

Many studies have found that being thankful, like being creative, is incredibly beneficial. It helps to relieve stress, creates feelings of happiness, and can provide a sense of calm.

the beginning of Fall in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

The things we are thankful for don’t always have to be huge. Some days, maybe all you can find to be thankful for is a ray of sunshine or your favourite song on the radio and that’s OK. It’s the act of being thankful that matters.

a gorgeous yellow tree in late fall in Ontario, Canada

This weekend I hope you’ll take a few minutes to reflect on what you are thankful for. Even those few minutes can change your outlook and stress level.

red and yellow maple leaves in Onatario, Canada

Just remember, the more you take time to be thankful, the more natural it will become ♥

fall leaves and dirt road

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
and to all of my fellow Canadians,
Happy Thanksgiving!

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