I found the most gorgeous Christmas paper last week at Malenka Originals when I was there to teach a class!

It is thick and pretty and the colours are quintessentially Scandinavian.  Not to mention the vintage feel of the ornaments… it’s just perfect!! Christmas paper twig and ribbonI have made book page trees before (you can see one in this post) but wanted to switch it up a bit this year and use this beautiful paper.

To make a paper tree… 

Start with a 6″ long piece of a thick tree branch and twig about a foot long. attaching a twig to a cut tree branch with wood glueFor the base of the paper tree, drill a hole in the middle of the stump, add a dab of wood glue and wedge in the twig. Christmas paper cut into various sizes of squaresIt will take about 50 squares to make a nice full Christmas tree.  The largest squares should be about 4.5-5″ and then make them smaller and smaller until the smallest ones are about an inch and a half.  cutting slits in middle of squares of paperLoosely fold the squares corner to corner and add a little slit going in both directions.  The holes should be just big enough to fit the twig through.  crinkling paper squares to make a Christmas treeJust before feeding the papers onto the twig, crumple each one to add some texture and depth to the tree.  stacking paper squares onto a twigFeed the papers on largest to smallest. red bow attached to a paper treeTop the tree off with a pretty bow and it’s done! Christmas paper tree

small wrought iron bird on wood slicesScandinavian inspired paper treeI thought I was smitten with these little trees last year when I made them with book pages but I love them even more with this beautiful paper! DIY paper Christmas tree

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turn your Christmas paper into a Scandinavian inspired tree

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  1. I love this! I have all the materials and I plan on making a few trees this week.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous idea. I love this post. Thank you, and Happy Holiday’s!

    • Thanks so much!! It was a fun project and I love how vintagy the paper looks 😉 Happy Holidays to you as well! Hope you have a wonderful season 😉

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