The Beginning of a New Series: Furniture Stories

I love a good story and I love history.  I think it is my love of the past that draws me to old furniture.  Where a piece comes from, who has touched it and where it has been all draw me into the story of a piece even before I touch it.

Often when I am painting a piece I imagine who might have used it or where it has been, but rarely do I actually know its history.  I always find myself longing to know the story of a piece and that desire has inspired a new series that is starting next week called Furniture Stories.  Furniture Stories will tell the story of each piece, why it is so special and about the memories it holds.
Heather Lloyd and Lisa SilfwerbrandTo begin the Furniture Stories series, one of my very oldest and dearest friends, who is a writer, has graciously offered to share the stories behind some of the pieces I have recreated for her.

Before she starts to tell her stories, take a minute to catch up on some of the pieces that I have recreated for her.  vintage serving tray turned into road for toy carsVintage TV Traysstack of vintage suitcases made into side tableVintage Suitcase Side Tablepainted antlersPainting Antlers

I can’t wait until next week when she will begin to tell the history of her pieces!  Be sure to join us and I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

4 Comments on " The Beginning of a New Series: Furniture Stories "

  1. Lisa

    Lisa, I am so pleased you asked me to share a little history about each of these projects. I had a lot of fun reminiscing about my childhood, and trying to capture in words what exactly it was that made each item so special for me. I love how you helped me honour my past by bringing new life to items that were old and more than a little banged up. I love that I am now surrounded by beautiful pieces of what I consider to be “heirloom art.” Each piece triggers happy memories, and represents a part of my past that, while gone, will never be forgotten.

    If people enjoy reading the posts, perhaps we could add more installments to the series — provided you continue helping me “recreate” objects from my past, of course… (hint! hint!)

    1. Lisa

      I am so excited to have you join us Heather and share you funny and charming stories! (esp ones that don’t involve our antics as kids!) And you know I am allllways happy to work on more projects for and with you 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I agree there is always a story behind every piece of furniture. Looking forward to the series.

    1. Lisa

      I am so drawn into thinking about where a piece has been when I am painting it that I thought this would be fun to hear some of their stories 🙂 I am really looking forward to it too!

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